It was something I ate. Combined with a renewed sinus infection I was sick as hell yesterday. I made a quick appointment with my clinic for over lunch. It’s where I was informed my blood pressure was 139/90. Not good. I’ve no doubt it was the salsa and the soup on Monday. It inflamed my diverticulitis, making my gut feel like a lead balloon. So much so that when I ran after work on Monday (not yet fully aware of what I had done to myself) I was a minute slower on my mile pace.

Anyway, I now have an antibiotic for my sinus infection. Also, I am going to have to make a conscious decision to avoid all products tomato. Which sucks. I love spaghetti with red sauce, pizza, etc., etc., etc. It puts a damper on a majority of foods I like – and love. It also limits what Tina cooks. Sigh.

Attack of the Sweat Zombie, Part 2

Just Keep Running

I don’t understand why Tina doesn’t want to give me a hug after I finish a run.

By the way, this is mild compared to how I look after a run in the warming seasons. It’s way cool downstairs. If this was spring and I ran outside the t-shirt would be soaking wet all the way to the bottom hem.

A Low, Guttural Moan

Why? Because it’s Monday and the cats did not let me sleep past 4:45 AM this morning. And because I was a bit late in getting around to finishing my work for one of my classes. That is, I was up until 10:30 PM last night. Damn cats.

What? You think I’m going to take responsibility? Hell no! That’s what the cats are for. And since they are cats they really don’t give a shit.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you work denial.

I know, I know. I’m a pro.

And please, don’t try this at home.

Citrix Hacked

This is bad.

(The Register) The enterprise software giant – which services businesses, the American military, and various US government agencies – said it was told by the FBI on Wednesday that miscreants had accessed Citrix’s IT systems and exfiltrated files.

One of the Minnesota companies using Citrix is a former employer of mine. It is a mental health provider. And it is quite large. Nystrom & Associates. Now, I am hoping that this statement from Citrix is true:

At this point, Citrix reckons the intrusion was limited to its corporate network, and thus believes customer records and data were not stolen nor touched.

My problem is that “reckons” is a mighty ambiguous word instilling little – if any – hope in me they have any knowledge as to the extent of this hack. But that appears to be an inference by the Register and not an actual quote by Citrix. However:

Resecurity also said it warned Citrix on December 28 that the software giant had been turned over by the hacker crew during the Christmas period. Citrix, meanwhile, said it took action – launching an internal probe and securing its networks – after hearing from the FBI earlier this week.

Waiting until they were told by the FBI on Wednesday despite a warning as far back as December 28 makes me wonder if they have any clue. For the sake of any prominent political and government workers in Minnesota I hope Citrix is right. However, I am not holding my breath while they investigate the width, breathe, and depth of this breach.

This story, by-the-way, is an example of the new warfare. It will not be just on real battlefields but on internet battlefields. The hacking of the 2016 election was an example of internet warfare. And as in real warfare there is always collateral damage. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Saturday Run

I kept running!

All this considered, I am very happy with today’s run. I did the first mile in about 9:20 minutes. All while keeping my heart rate in the aerobic range. That is actually damn good.

So, yes, I’ve patted myself on the back – without breaking my arm; thank you very much. Now get off my lawn!

Double Run

So, I split my running into two parts. This morning I ran for 20:06 minutes. After work I ran for 9:48 minutes. This morning’s run was 1.93 miles long. This afternoon’s was 1 mile on the nose. That’s 2.93 miles in 29.54 minutes! Not bad considering I’ve been unable to run consistently, what with my sciatica injury, the need to put running aside to clean the snow off the driveway, and then having days where I was just sick. Hopefully those are behind me and I can get back to consistent running.

Quick Post Before Showering

Another run under my belt. This one even better than yesterday’s. Yesterday’s pace was 11.21 minutes per mile. Today’s was 10.52. Almost a 30 second improvement. Not bad. I am content.

Oh, and Tina is still sleeping as I type this, so I was not able to offer my usual sweaty hug. And that’s okay, because there’s only so much rejection I can take.

Attack of the Sweat Zombie!

So, after taking two weeks off from running I finally motivated myself to step once again onto the treadmill. I did not achieve any fantastic pace. Yet, it was respectable considering the 14 day break. 2.65 miles in 30.04 minutes. I’m okay with that.

Of course, after 30 minutes of running I generated quiet the saturation of sweat on my tea-shirt. And, as always, I requested a hug from Tina. It’s a little act we’ve developed over the years. I request a hug, she adamantly refuses. It’s understandable considering my tea-shirt is dripping sweat like a torrential rain storm.

Today I added a new twist, chasing after her with my arms out as she walked away. She made a comment about being chased by a sweat zombie. So, I started moaning “huuuggggg!” repeatedly as I shuffled after her through the house. You’ll be relieved to hear she managed to escape to the basement to do laundry. Zombies don’t do stairs well.