Good Morning, Blogstonia!

The Castle
Behold my Bedhead and be amazed!

It really is too early for this “ xxxxxxxxxxxx.” Feel free to replace the x’s with a word of your choice.

It’s Friday!

The Castle

I work 10 hour days, so it is for me.

[scene in the kitchen]

Tina: It’s not Friday yet.

Me: Well……..

Tina: Shut up!

[I walk away laughing a quiet, maniacal laugh]

It’s Second Saturday

The Castle

Yesterday was a do-nothing First Saturday. Today? Oh, lots and lots of clothing and bedding to wash. We’ve been putting off much of the bedding because Loki would just mark them again, as is the wont of male cats when they achieve sexual maturity. However, now neutered, though he makes a gallant effort, he is filled with blanks, as it were. So, yeah, it’s catch up the laundry day in the Hall-Rife household. Though, the Rife of the home is at work. So, for the time being, it’s just your humble wordsmith doing the laundry.

The Antagonist of the post. Loki, the mischievous feline of the Castle.


The Castle

Well, per Google. 8:47 PM Monday, July 26, 2021 (CDT) Sunset in Duluth, MN.

According to the view outside, it set an hour ago.

A significant storm is a-coming.

Update: rain has started to splat on the house. The thunder sounds more crackly and is not booming. Trust me; it sounds scarier when it sounds crackly.

Welcome To My First Saturday

The Castle

Yeah. It’s Friday, but my first Saturday because I work 10 hour days. 3 day weekends are nice. The only problem is that Tina works my first Saturday, which sucks. So, I’m sedating my sorrow by watching “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame.” On my iMac. Through the Disney + website. It’s grand.

But Tina’s not here, which still sucks.

Just Piling It On

Because I’m such a magnificent, sadistic masochist, I mowed the lawn after my bike ride. Look upon me and marvel.

If you’re wondering where to send the flowers should I successfully kill myself, contact Tina.

Daring Escape


I stopped by Kwik Trip to pick up some hamburger buns. When I got home, I discovered that a package of Bavarian Cream Pasteries had perpetrated a daring escape. Tina will be pleased.

Exhibit #∞ Proving I’m Spoiled

Chicken Oscar with Mash Potatoes and Butter.
Chicken Oscar

Tina-made Chicken Oscar: Fried chicken topped with crab meat, asparagus tips, and hollandaise sauce. The picture doesn’t show that later I poured the leftover hollandaise sauce on the potatoes.

However, if you think the spoiling only goes one way;

I fried that ribeye! I also fried pork chops and made potatoes on Wednesday, but alas, no photo.

My New Ride

My old Ford Fusion finally reached the end of its life. There is a long, convoluted story about attempting to get a re-built engine put into it, but that’s for another day. Suffice it to say, my credit was more than adequate to buy myself this vehicle.

Adventures in Leftovers

Tina treated me to lunch at Outback Steakhouse. I had the ribeye, and she had salmon. The Outback in Hermantown has yet to disappoint. I’ve had sirloin, prime rib, and now the ribeye. Tina has had the salmon there before, but they had a new variation, which had an excellent sauce. However, as is always the case, we had more food than we could eat.

Not to worry. This morning I cut up potatoes, onions, along with the ribeye and salmon. I fried up the potatoes and onions in a half stick of butter. I also had some leftover rice that was just the right amount of spicy that I also threw in with the potatoes and onions. I added Kosher salt, coarse ground pepper, some reduced salt Lowery’s, and granulated garlic. After that browned, I added the steak and fish. It made a most excellent hash for brunch. I thought about taking a picture of the finished meal, but I was too busy eating it. You’ll have to take my word for it that it looked fantastic.

Now I’m going to focus on school work. I have a biopsychology class I need to get busy finishing. You all have an excellent rest of your Sunday.