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The Ice Dam Falleth!

I guess I’ll be contacting my home insurance agent.

The ice did done fall and take out the deck!

Horrible Weather

It is currently raining here in Duluth with 27 mph winds. So, that means despite the rain, the house is dry. As a result, my sinuses are pissed, i.e., causing a headache. And yet I will have to go out into this weather and clear the slush off the driveway before tomorrow’s freeze.


Post-Snownami pictures. Per the Duluth Airport, 20 inches fell.

What’s for Supper!

It was delicious! Tina’s world famous Tater Tot Hotdish.

I know you all are jealous.

If not, there’s something seriously wrong with you. I’d get it checked out, if I was you. Really. Your brain is broke or something.

New Chair

I have two executive type desk chairs, one I’ve had since before starting school. The other I bought a couple of years ago. Neither have been comfortable. In fact, they aggravate my lower back within seconds of my sitting in them. So, I finally broke down and bought myself a new desk chair.

I had looked online at Office Depot and priced the chairs. I limited my search to ergonomic designed chairs. Even then, there were 652 to choose from, which was a bit daunting. However, it didn’t take me all that long to find one I liked. At least while online.

That changed once I got to the store up on Central Entrance. The one I had originally picked was right around $114. But it became clear once I test sat it that I wasn’t going to be buying that particular chair. So, I sat in a few other, all with the same results – not even close to comfortable.

Finally I sat in the least expensive chair in the store (and online!) and found it to be perfect. It has 3 adjustment knobs, which was more than the expensive ones, and are easy to reach. Most importantly it allows for the back of the seat to be raised or lowered. Since it’s my lower back that acts up, having an adjustable back seat allows me to support my lumbar.

And the cost? Under $100. I wasn’t expecting to walk away with the cheapest chair, but that’s exactly what I did. And I’m very happy with the results. Right now I’m experiencing the most comfort I’ve ever had while typing away on my computer.

Just Keep Running

Post Storm Non-shoveling

So I awoke to above freezing temperatures and slush on the ground. In checking the weather forecast I’ve learned the temperature is going to increase. So, no need to shovel this morning. With the high projected to be 38 I figure the slush will have melted away by the time I get off of work and back from my chiropractor visit.

Now – do I hop on the treadmill for some cardio?

Pre-storm Shoveling

Older picture of deck with snow.

I spent an hour using the snowblower, a shovel, and a sidewalk ice scrapper to clear off the deck. There was a 3-foot tall pile of snow that ran the length of the deck. It came from the roofers scrapping all the ice and snow off the roof.

It was my workout for the day. It most definitely equaled a run because my t-shirt was just as soaked with sweat as if I’d done 30 minutes. The rest of the day will be a lazy day of lounging and resting!


Are you kidding me with this weather? It’s supposed to be -4 degrees tomorrow morning. No. Just no.

Yeah, you bet ya!

Thankfully I decided to clean off my driveway last night. Originally I was going to hold of until this morning. That would have left me with three inches of ice to attempt to remove. I still have a crust of frozen mush out there, but it’s not solid ice.

My heart goes out to anyone in the Duluth area who decided to wait until this morning to shovel. I get it. You hoped to be able to remove the snow after it stopped falling. Now, though, you’re stuck with glare ice for the weekend – at the least. I haven’t checked to see how long this sub-zero weather is lasting.

Snow Blowed!

And it was a wet, sticky snow. If it had been dry I am sure I’d have been dealing with 12 inches. But it was super wet and so was mush. Had I had to shovel the stuff I’d be at the hospital right now with either back thrown out or a heart attack.


I’m a chemical dependency counselor.

No heart.

So, just my back thrown out.