A Shout Out to a Good Neighbor

The Castle

And no, it’s not State Farm. Many thanks to a Hip and Ridge Construction worker for volunteering to plow my driveway. I was at the end of my second hour of shoveling by hand when he came by. I would have shoveled well into the night if he hadn’t helped. My snowblower couldn’t handle the thick, wet snow. It was damn near compacted to ice. So, hence the reduction to manual shoveling. I offered to give him money, but he adamantly refused. So, instead, he’s getting what pittance of free advertising I can give him.

Come the spring; I’m going to see if they can repair the gutter damaged by that mammoth ice dam of 2020. And maybe build us a new deck in the process.

Thanks To Loki

The Castle

I was out tonight hunting down Loki, who decided not to come back when called. Through the trees and brush, I noticed something new. A dead Birch tree was blown over and hung on our power lines. We hadn’t lost power. It didn’t even flicker. We’ve had wind for the last few days, so who knows how long it was hanging there. However, while in my office, I saw a flash of light from the corner of my eye. I decided to notify Minnesota Power about the situation. Less than 20 minutes later, a lineman showed up to cut the tree off the line. I talked to him and let him into the backyard, where he discovered that one of the lines had pulled away from the pole. So, now I have two linemen ready to cut our power and climb up the pole to reattach the line.


The Castle

There’s a quote associated with Ram Dass; ”We are all just walking each other home.” But it misses an important point; until we all get home, we are alone, even amongst a crowd. It is when we are home that we are no longer alone.

So, here’s the question – where is home for you?

Home is not a house. It is not a place. It is a who. And my home is in Green Bay.

I miss her so very, very much.

Oh, don’t mind me. I didn’t get much sleep, so I’m emotional.

But I miss her so very, very much.

Again, don’t mind me.

Still, I miss her so very, very much.

Tina Rife, I love you.

Good Morning, Blogstonia!

The Castle
Behold my Bedhead and be amazed!

It really is too early for this “ xxxxxxxxxxxx.” Feel free to replace the x’s with a word of your choice.

It’s Friday!

The Castle

I work 10 hour days, so it is for me.

[scene in the kitchen]

Tina: It’s not Friday yet.

Me: Well……..

Tina: Shut up!

[I walk away laughing a quiet, maniacal laugh]

It’s Second Saturday

The Castle

Yesterday was a do-nothing First Saturday. Today? Oh, lots and lots of clothing and bedding to wash. We’ve been putting off much of the bedding because Loki would just mark them again, as is the wont of male cats when they achieve sexual maturity. However, now neutered, though he makes a gallant effort, he is filled with blanks, as it were. So, yeah, it’s catch up the laundry day in the Hall-Rife household. Though, the Rife of the home is at work. So, for the time being, it’s just your humble wordsmith doing the laundry.

The Antagonist of the post. Loki, the mischievous feline of the Castle.


The Castle

Well, per Google. 8:47 PM Monday, July 26, 2021 (CDT) Sunset in Duluth, MN.

According to the view outside, it set an hour ago.

A significant storm is a-coming.

Update: rain has started to splat on the house. The thunder sounds more crackly and is not booming. Trust me; it sounds scarier when it sounds crackly.

Welcome To My First Saturday

The Castle

Yeah. It’s Friday, but my first Saturday because I work 10 hour days. 3 day weekends are nice. The only problem is that Tina works my first Saturday, which sucks. So, I’m sedating my sorrow by watching “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame.” On my iMac. Through the Disney + website. It’s grand.

But Tina’s not here, which still sucks.

Just Piling It On

Because I’m such a magnificent, sadistic masochist, I mowed the lawn after my bike ride. Look upon me and marvel.

If you’re wondering where to send the flowers should I successfully kill myself, contact Tina.

Daring Escape


I stopped by Kwik Trip to pick up some hamburger buns. When I got home, I discovered that a package of Bavarian Cream Pasteries had perpetrated a daring escape. Tina will be pleased.