Further Reports on the Incremental Marathon

Just Keep Running

Okay, I finished my run. Actually, I finished it over an hour ago. When I got back I ended up helping Tina finish up the Chili that turned into Goulash. She forgot to get the spices for making Chili, so I recommended Goulash. Now we have Goulash with beans instead of macaroni. Well, the macaroni will be added when we actually eat it. She made enough to feed a family of 10. Most of it will be frozen for later consumption.

Anyway, about the run. I managed 4.2 miles in 47 minutes. I kept my heart rate mostly in the Aerobic range, with 2:22 minutes in the Anaerobic range. I took it easy and still did a good pace. Back when I first started running a 15 minute per mile pace would put my heart rate into the danger zone. Well, for my age anyway.

Morning Run

Just Keep Running

Okay, I’ve almost finished my second cup of coffee. I’m now working up the motivation to get dressed for my 4th run of the week. it’s 47 minutes long (as discussed earlier I’m doing interval running for weight loss so I don’t run by distance but by time). Today’s run has 4 parts – two are running, one 10 minutes long, the other 35 minutes long. The other two parts are one minute walks.

See you on the other side.

The Incremental Marathon, Part Whatever

Just Keep Running

I have been running, despite the lack of posts detailing my progress. Today, though, was extra special for running because it rained. I love running in the rain. Granted, when I first hit the pavement this morning it was nothing short of a mild drizzle. However, as the run progressed the drizzle turned into a light shower, and finally, into a light rain. It wasn’t heavy at all and so I didn’t end up soaked. My shoes weren’t even wet when I finished. But it was enough to keep me cool.

My pace wasn’t bad either. My first mile was 9:35. After that the pace turned into 11:05 and 11:26. However, those times also included one minute walks. I’m still doing an interval weight loss running plan. It makes me break up my runs into parts. So far they all include 3 one minute walking intervals.

Also, up until this week I’ve been running three days per week – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Now the plan ups it to 4 days a week, which means Saturdays as well. So far I’ve been hovering around 215 to 220 in weight. But I have noticed my pants are getting looser around the waist and my belt is not at tight at the fifth sinch (hole).

New Chair

I have two executive type desk chairs, one I’ve had since before starting school. The other I bought a couple of years ago. Neither have been comfortable. In fact, they aggravate my lower back within seconds of my sitting in them. So, I finally broke down and bought myself a new desk chair.

I had looked online at Office Depot and priced the chairs. I limited my search to ergonomic designed chairs. Even then, there were 652 to choose from, which was a bit daunting. However, it didn’t take me all that long to find one I liked. At least while online.

That changed once I got to the store up on Central Entrance. The one I had originally picked was right around $114. But it became clear once I test sat it that I wasn’t going to be buying that particular chair. So, I sat in a few other, all with the same results – not even close to comfortable.

Finally I sat in the least expensive chair in the store (and online!) and found it to be perfect. It has 3 adjustment knobs, which was more than the expensive ones, and are easy to reach. Most importantly it allows for the back of the seat to be raised or lowered. Since it’s my lower back that acts up, having an adjustable back seat allows me to support my lumbar.

And the cost? Under $100. I wasn’t expecting to walk away with the cheapest chair, but that’s exactly what I did. And I’m very happy with the results. Right now I’m experiencing the most comfort I’ve ever had while typing away on my computer.

School Has Started

I’m taking a break from reading the first chapter of one of my textbooks. Since I’m between jobs I can focus on my classwork today. My goal is to have the first week of both classes done before the end of the day.

Of course, we’ll see just how I do on that goal by the end of the day.

And yes, I know. I need to tell you about being between jobs. That’s for another post.