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Educational Update #356*

Okay, okay. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve punched the keys and produced a post for my blog. So, here it is. I finished the weekly work on one of my courses. Unfortunately, due to being under the weather physically and mentally, I fell behind on a major project due on Monday. It […]


I should be working on assignments. I finished the work for one class already today. I’m now just waiting for my motivation to finish its walk around the neighborhood. So, while that’s happening, I’m posting here on my blog. Aren’t you happy to know this?

Something’s Wrong

There’s something wrong with me. Seriously. I’m kinda scared. I managed to finish all my school work yesterday, with a simple question and response assignment finished this morning after I ran. This is not like me. I wait until the last minute. I don’t start on my assignments until I have just a little less […]

Morning World

So, I’m up and at it early on a Sunday morning. I’ve finished my morning routine of mindfully writing a journal entry, read my horoscopes, and made some chess moves at Gameknot. Now I’m going to get ready to put some time on the treadmill. After that, it’s a run to the store to replace the […]

The New Year

First, let me say without hesitation – 2019 sucked! Completely and totally. There, I got that off my chest. Now, about 2020. I’m open to it being better than 2019 was. However, I am not going to get all demanding and insistent. No need to jinx the New Year. Instead, I’m going to resume my […]

About Education

Yeah, it’s been a while since I elucidated about my ongoing education. I have a critique paper due tonight for my Family Social Science class. I selected my study and read through it last night. Now I just have to write the essay itself. I also had a chapter to read in the text for […]

School Has Started

I’m taking a break from reading the first chapter of one of my textbooks. Since I’m between jobs I can focus on my classwork today. My goal is to have the first week of both classes done before the end of the day. Of course, we’ll see just how I do on that goal by […]

Slow Chore Day

I’m slowly getting the laundry done. The towels are taking a particularly long time to dry. It’s quite frustrating, actually. However, I did get my office swept, and the speakers for my computer switched out. I am now using a Bluetooth set with sub-woofer. The volume goes higher and gives good low end. And I […]


And thus does another semester come to a conclusion. The results? One B+ and one A. Surprisingly, the A is in a subject I historically sucked at: English. However, the focus of the class was Science Fiction and Fantasy, which I have loved since I first started reading. And my confidence in writing has grown […]

One Class Done!

I took my 4th and final exam for Abnormal Psychology today. I also did the post-class surveys. Now I just need to focus on my English Class. In another few days I’ll be ready for Summer Break. However, I am eligible to register for fall classes. That means having to look up my Liberal Arts […]

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