A Date I Picked

What with being in a fog and all, when it came time for me to pick a sober date shortly after being admitted into the halfway house I racked my brain for what seemed like weeks (probably only 15 minutes really) and settled on January 30th, 1985 as the last day of use of any alcohol or drugs. Turns out that it was a Wednesday back than too.

Yeah, it’s been 28 years. Now, if you will all excuse me, I have to give the DNR fire watch who sits outside my door a cup of coffee. That’s right; I’m so dry I need my own fire watch.

Oh, okay, I’ll stop with the bad jokes.

The Republican/Conservative Agenda Is Not Financially Viable

I wonder how quickly the radical right will switch to demanding socialized news coverage once they realize that capitalism will spell it’s death.

(Daily Kos) CNN led during the President’s address with 3.1 million total viewers. MSNBC came in second with 2.3 million. Fox was dead last with 1.3 million. In the critical 25-54 year old demographic the numbers for Fox were even more dismal: CNN had 1.1 million in the demo. MSNBC had 706,000. Trailing significantly was Fox News with only 294,000, which was less than half of MSNBC and just over a quarter of CNN.

To some extent it is not surprising that the network that appeals most to Obama haters did not deliver their audience of whiny-ass sourpusses. It’s a constituency of sore losers who aren’t interested in staying informed and were probably busy cuddling their Bushmasters and forwarding chain emails about tyranny and the collapse of civilization.

What’s most startling in the ratings data is the relative disparities between the networks and their declines. Fox News was off a jaw-dropping 75% (82% demo) from 2009. CNN sunk a hefty 61% (67% demo). MSNBC, by comparison did fairly well with a mere 25% decline (37% demo). Digging deeper, these numbers tell us something that is even more foreboding for Fox. The percentage of their audience composed of the lucrative younger demos falls way below that of their competitors. CNN’s demo audience was 35% of their total viewers. MSNBC has 31% in the demo. But only 22% of Fox’s viewers are 25-54 years old.

That means that the next generation of news consumers is avoiding the severely conservative channel in droves. What’s more, MSNBC’s primetime anchors Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were number one in their time slots for 2012 in the 18-34 demo. MSNBC has also led in African-American and Latino viewers. So by every measure MSNBC is positioned for future gains, while Fox is bracing for the bottom to fall out.

These numbers are not merely tabulated for bragging rights. They represent the potential for ad revenue. As the numbers fall, so do Fox’s profits. And with their dearth of the desirable youth demos, the advertising Fox maintains will command lower rates.

Lets get this straight: these ratings are not an indication of the decline of the radical right, it is the means of their decline. If it is not financially viable for Fox News to cater to them, then they will not. At least, you would think so, considering how loudly they have clamored for letting the free market do its thing.

Just Saying

Yeah, ah….. I have the greatest dad ever!

Last night I invited them out for Friday night all you can eat fish fry at Peggy Sue’s (no web presence, sorry). Well, a few weeks ago my washing machine died. So, I mentioned it to dad earlier this week and asked if he had a line on a cheap used washing machine. He said he’d look; talked about how Menard’s sometimes have trade-ins they sell for $49, etc., etc., etc.

Well, yesterday when he showed up for the Fish Fry, he had a used washer in his van. My cost? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I bought the fish.

Seriously: Greatest. Dad. Ever!

Oh, and laundry is agitating as I type this.

Cat Update

So, 3 days out from new cat addition. So far Cinnamon has done what all cats do when a new kitten is introduced; she hisses and bats at Kang. For his part, he is not intimidated. A true Klingon. Well, almost. He does not attack or antagonize. So on top of not being intimidated, he is smart.

The distance between them is shrinking, as well as an equivalent reduction in hissing and growling by Cinnamon. I expect that eventually they will be sleeping together on my bed.

Usually it is Cinnamon who sleeps on my bed, both when I am in it and when I am gone. However, Kang quickly asserted dominion over the bed, possibly extending what might have only been a two day bitch session into a week. Still, things are progressing nicely.

Of course, as I expected, Cinnamon is not eating as much. It is what she does when she gets upset. That too will change.

Ray Bradbury – Sci-Fi Porn Star?

Seriously: Not Safe For Work!

Hat Tip to NTodd who posted it to Facebook. That means you won’t find this video on his blog.