Breakfast This Morning

Well, okay, this afternoon. Damn, everyone’s making a fuss. Anyway, it’s Malt-O-Meal flavored with brown sugar, cinnamon, and real maple syrup. Oh, and I make it slowly so as to avoid any lumps. There is nothing worse than lumpy Malt-O-Meal. And I’m finishing off the last of the biscuits that I made in the shape of muffins. They are slathered in butter and topped with heaps of raspberry jam.

Nom, nom.

Oh, and did you know there are people who actually like lumps in their Malt-O-Meal? Seriously. They exist! They walk amongst us. I know, I know. I can hear you say “Guy, say it ain’t so!” I wish I could. But I can’t. When you shop in the mall, or go to the movies, they are shopping or watching “The Transformers” right along side you! They’re driving on the same streets as you!

Yes, I know. Scary monsters.

Be afraid. Be very afraid………

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #7

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 72°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: SW 9 mph
  3. Humidity: 74%
  4. Miles: 10.84
  5. Time: 00:46:09
  6. Max Speed: 19.3 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.0 mph
  8. iPod: Didn’t take either my iPhone or my iPod for fear of getting caught in a thunderstorm.
  9. Temperature: 73°F
  10. Wind: SW 8 mph
  11. Humidity: 74%

Just to the north were dark clouds. Plus the National Weather Service was saying a thunderstorm was in the vicinity of Willow River. Hence my decision to not take either my phone or mp3 player. Of course, that meant the storm stayed to the north. Now, had I taken either of my electronic devices, I’d have gotten caught in a torrential down pour. Oh well, it really isn’t important.

In addition, several horoscopes warned  about pushing too hard and causing injury. So, when heading south into the wind, I made a conscious effort to not push for a high average speed. Thankfully, the way back was with good wind to my back. So, I still maintained a good average speed, got a solid aerobic workout, and do not feel exhausted or on the edge of cramping. Now it’s time for breakfast/lunch. I’ve some Malt-O-Meal in the cupboard, and some biscuits in the fridge I made last night.

I Made This!

In case anyone is wondering; this was breakfast! Eat your heart out Tina Rife!!!!!!!!!!

I made this!


For the record: that’s a bacon, cheese and scrambled egg sandwich on a grilled Kaiser bun. And yes, it was delicious! Mwaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #6

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 77°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: E 12 mph G 16
  3. Humidity: 61%
  4. Miles: 11.21
  5. Time: 00:45:14
  6. Max Speed: 18.3 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.8 mph
  8. iPod: Matchbox Twenty – Exile On Mainstream
  9. Temperature: 75°F
  10. Wind: SE 7 mph
  11. Humidity: 69%

There was a local pollen alert for Willow River. I could feel it! Especially in my bronchial tubes. Even now I’m coughing pretty good. However! Yes, I’m very happy with my stats. Despite the heavy pollen I increased my average from last leg by four tenths! Unfortunately my calves are letting me know that I pushed them to the limit – they keep threatening to cramp.

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #5

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 79°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: W 7 mph
  3. Humidity: 54%
  4. Miles: 10.91
  5. Time: 00:45:04
  6. Max Speed: 18 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.4 mph
  8. iPod: Led Zeppelin II & Ruins (IV) up to the start of “The Battle of Evermore.”
  9. Temperature: 77°F
  10. Wind: W 8 mph
  11. Humidity: 57%

Wow! I’m surprised I increased my average speed by 2 tenths. I actually had to slow down for a side ache. You’ll note I switched to the iPod today. I was worried I might get caught in the rain so I wrapped my iPhone in a plastic Ziploc bag just in case. I wasn’t so worried about my iPod. I learned I didn’t need to worry so much as the chance for rain dropped to 20%. Go figure.

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #4

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 81°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: SE 6 mph
  3. Humidity: 65%
  4. Miles: 10.65
  5. Time: 00:44:52
  6. Max Speed: 19 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.2 mph
  8. iPhone: Eagles – Hotel California and Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  9. Temperature: 79°F
  10. Wind: SSE 5 mph
  11. Humidity: 61%

I’d go on more about the ride, but it was really unremarkable. I went about 3 or 4 miles north, then turned around and headed south. I don’t really know how far south of Willow River I went. I just turned around so that it would be about 45 minutes into the run when I returned to Willow.

I’m sure you noticed a long stretch of time between the third and fourth legs. I made the mistake of playing horse shoes on the 31st. I ended up doing something really nasty to my back. I ended up going to my medical doctor to get muscle relaxers, then started back up with my chiropractor. And then, when I was starting to feel better, the weather decided not to cooperate. So, finally! Today was a good day.