Old Navy Joke

I heard a joke in the Navy: A detail of Marines is marching along at the San Diego Naval base. Suddenly a sailor appears on top of a hill nearby and starts screaming obscenities and insults at them. The detail’s commander send a Marine to take care of him. They disappear behind the hill. After a moment the sailor appears and resume the obscenities and insults. This time two Marines are sent. The sailor and the marines disappear behind the hill. This time there are blood curdling screams and then silence. Then, the sailor once again appears and resumes his behavior. This time three Marines are sent. The same thing. Blood curdling screams followed by silence. However, this time a Marine crawls up onto the hill and yells “It’s a trap! There are two of them!”
Hardi Har Har. I know. Totally not realistic.

Well, it’s now 2017. The Marine is Mueller. He is sent. He and the sailor disappear behind the hill. There are blood curdling screams. Silence. And then Mueller reappears without a scratch and returns to the detail. “That was quick.” The commander says. “Yeah, I know. There were only 15 of them.”

Totally realistic.

If you think Mueller is going for Jared and the sons, you are sorely mistaken. Mueller is going for Trump. THAT is the end game for him.

When it Rains

It pours? I mean…… WOW! Hell of an opening act.

Let’s get something straight – despite the soon to be pearl-clutching Trump supporters claims otherwise – this is no small fry. He was the Chairman of Trumps campaign. On top of that, another man also arrested. And a third pleading guilty in another court? Much more than I expected. And I expected more than small fry, but not this big. Not yet. I figured Manafort was the one they were going to pressure with others below him.

Future Postings

I’ve got a bunch of runs saved from the past two to three weeks that I will eventually get around to posting. With winter here (for the moment) I’m taking advantage of my Anytime Fitness membership. Nothing too extreme though. Just used an elliptical and did some pushups. I can tell I took too many days off – my pushups were far short of what I normally can do. Yet, it was nice to take a few days off from working out.

On the school front, I continue to complete my work on time and not at the last minute. Hopefully I can continue that trend. Also, I managed to get up early enough to journal. It’s been a while. Once a part of my daily morning routine, I had put it aside to concentrate on school work. However, it soon became apparent I wasn’t really getting up and doing school work anyway. So, this morning I reinstated morning journal writing. Surprisingly I found I had time for both the journal and my school work. And the workout!

Who knows how long this will last. But, I seem to have the energy, so I’m not going to let it go to waste. For all I know, tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual slacker self.

Another Successful Completion

I am most happy. I managed to already complete my assignments that were due by 11:55 PM tonight. I even managed to do so without feeling rushed or under the gun. Granted, I could have done a more thorough job of my Pro position paper for one class had I done the research earlier. But to be honest I would probably had over thought the damn thing and made it worse than what I produced tonight. Besides, I’ll get some direction from others and be able to craft a better finished product. It was a draft, after all.

The Incremental Marathon, Continued

Like I stated on my Facebook page, today’s run was by far my best. I may not have set any pace or speed records, but I stayed in the Cardio range with my heart rate. I didn’t hit peak once. Considering that when I first started running a 15 minute per mile pace would hit a heart rate of close to 170, I’ve done great work in getting into shape.

With Time to Spare!

I finished all assignments due for my two classes today. I’m taking Tina to her procedure tomorrow morning so I’ll bring my books with for next week’s assignments and readings. Now it’s time for me to go to bed

Progress on Wednesday Deadlines!

I finished reading the 3 chapters for one of my classes last night and managed to write the two original posts due by the end of the day. I still have a chapter to read in my other course with a post due at 5 minutes to midnight tonight. I am confident I’ll get it done.

The Incremental Marathon Continues









I’m very happy with this run. It was my third run in three days. And my best pace of the three. Afterwards, after doing a good massage of my Achilles’ Tendons and my heels I was relatively pain free up to today.