Almost Friends

A rare occurrence for them to be calmly next to each other.

It’s not often that Smokey and Loki calmly sit next to each other. Before Loki entered puberty, they were excellent friends. They snuggled, slept together, and generally got along wonderfully. However, during his change, Loki became a nuisance to Smokey, who reacted poorly. And, due to the Pandemic, we couldn’t get him neutered right away. So, we had quite the battle between the two for over a year. After getting him fixed in the Fall of 2021, he mellowed out, but Smokey wasn’t trusting or forgiving.

However, there appears to be a thawing of the tension as of late. Smokey and Loki can walk by each other without incident. They can sleep on the same bed, chair, or sofa without incident, though they have yet to resume snuggling. We have hope that we will all one day find them warmly and lovingly snuggling. But, for now, we will take whatever progress we can get.

And now, having written all this, they decided to resume mild hostility. Thankfully, not nearly as bad as in earlier days. There was little, if any, hissing. It presented more as play than an angry fight: no flying fur or loud thumps of bodies hitting the floor. Again, progress not perfection.

Handwriting vs Typing

It turns out there is an app that allows for writing into text boxes! In fact, I am writing by hand what you are reading. Well, I wrote what you are reading. It would be nice if I kept my tenses straight. In case you are wondering. It is just another keyboard. That is, it’s one selection out of several for keyboards. It provides an interface on my iPad that allows for writing with my Apple Pencil. It then converts the handwriting into text. I haven’t fully explored all of its functionality, but I’ve figured out enough so that I can write on my iPad like it is a piece of paper. It allows for spell checking on the fly, with a timer, so you have time to review. It gives each word a drop-down box to select the correct spelling and punctuation.
It has a learning curve, but I found it not too steep.
It works in conjunction with other apps. I have been able to write into word documents. And, of course, this was written into the WordPress interface. The app is called Handwriting which is available through the App Store.

Keeping UP

Just Keep Running

After a day off, I hopped on the treadmill. I am not a fan of the treadmill, but running outdoors is not a safe option with the miserable weather.

Having caught up with my stats, I’m keeping up.

Incremental Marathon Catch-Up

Just Keep Running

I took a short break from running due to some severe back pain. Especially my lower back. A few chiropractic visits and discontinuing a particular medication appear to have done the trick. I am posting one run that occurred before the brief break and the two most recent runs. Also, note that I managed to get an outdoor run yesterday.

Just Another Incremental Marathon Post

Just Keep Running

I kept it simple and light. I am not in any shape to push myself beyond my ability. I’ve reached a weight I’ve never been at before – though I suspect I was close to this weight in 2013 or 14 when I took up jogging after 30 years – and it’s taking its toll on me. Currently, my only goal is to put effort into exercising. I have no expectations around weight goals, pace goals, or outcomes. Around 2017 or 2018, I reached 209 pounds and was close to breaking the nine-minute mile. I didn’t have those goals in mind; they happened because of my focus on exercising.

Anyway, to the stats:

Way Too Long

Just Keep Running

It has been three months since I last did any exercise. My Strava records show I last ran on December 6th, 2022. Today was a treadmill run. Anyway, to the stats: