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Just Like That. Monday Suddenly arrived!

And, quite frankly, I’m not impressed. Thankfully, I’ve had my morning coffee. Oh, and I’ve once again managed a full night’s sleep. So, facing Monday will not be a struggle. Still — really? Go away Monday. Anyway, you all be on your best behavior. Mostly because I know you can’t actually behave. None of you […]

I Made These!

That’s right! Eat your heart out because you’re not going to get to eat these beauties. Oh, and I made them from scratch. From beginning to end. Well, okay, Tina helped find the ingredients. However, I measured, mixed, spooned, and baked these babies. And to top it all off, I cleaned up after myself. No […]

Checking Out iFrame from Gameknot

Play chess online This is a game I won earlier in the week. But that’s not the point of this post. I am checking to see if the changes to WordPress will allow a proper posting of the chessboard. It never worked in the past. So, in preview, it showed that it displays much better […]

Incremental Marathon/2020 Tour De Rook Update #∞

Yes, yes. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my runs and rides. Well, here they are. I enjoyed today’s run. I didn’t set any new records. But I maintained a pace of which to be proud. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got breakfast to cook.

Morning Routine Completed

Okay, I’ve drunk my coffee, read my horoscopes, and made moves in my pending chess games. Now it’s time to go for a run. I’ve not run for over a week. I have been emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. So much so that I decided to cut back on my responsibilities. That means I dropped […]

Another Apocalyptic Morning.

I am awaiting my tea to steep. I’ve got a relaxing sound generator called Sleeping Dragon playing out of my computer speakers. I have already finished my morning routine, including my coffee. Smokey Cat calmed down about an hour ago once she realized I wasn’t going to let her outside. Besides, it’s drizzling. She doesn’t […]

Good Morning Apocalypse!

How goes the slow, steady decline of the U.S. this morning? Fires still raging? Hurricanes rampaging in from the Atlantic and Caribbean? How’s the unemployment numbers doing? How about them COVID numbers? Yes, yes. I know. [cue Heath Ledger’s Joker’s voice] Why so glum? Maybe I’m not so much glum as I am pragmatic. All […]

A New Addition to the Side Column

Back in the heady days of 2003, when political blogs were all the rage, this custom developed over linking to other blogs. My old, deceased blog Rook’s Rant, had at least 250 links from other blogs. As I said, those were heady days. As time went by, maintaining a blog became more and more of […]

How About a Return to Blogging?

Bloggers, we need to start moving away from Facebook. Facebook is nothing more than Microblogging. It’s quick-hitting, preventing substance, and invites superficiality. Bogs of the past were able to provide the meaning beyond the one-paragraph posts we see on Facebook.Then there is the issue of control. We can now control the advertising that shows up […]

Just Chattering Away on the Board

I do enjoy the process of writing. Well, that is, when not pressured to write for work or school. Then it becomes pure torture. Let me reiterate that – PURE TORTURE!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, right now I’m just typing away. I’ve no subject I want to elucidate upon, nor any nefarious behavior of others I want to […]

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