A Merry Christmas Breakfast

The Castle

Merry Christmas, everyone! That is the Christmas Breakfast I made for myself. I also made a cheese omelet for Tina but used Gauda Cheese instead of American. I didn’t feel like shredding the cheese again.

I hope your Christmas Breakfasts were just as delicious as ours!

On Exercise

Just Keep Running

I have not posted about exercise for a while now. And to be honest, I had stopped working out just before the Ireland trip. However, a few weeks ago, I resumed running. I also have added pushups and planking to my regime. Nothing severe or onerous. I’m keeping my heart rate from exceeding a 140 bpm average. And I’m not doing pushups or planking to the point of muscle burn. Moderations, after all, are what’s called for now that I have learned about my mild heart condition.

I do not plan to make regular posts about exercising. It serves no purpose and takes time that is better applied to other activities. Still, I wanted you all to know I was still working on my health.

Didn’t Follow Up


Well, we are back from Ireland. Obviously, I didn’t post anything about the trip on my blog. I became caught up in Ireland and chose to stay in the moment and not spend time crafting blog posts. However, the journey is over; we are back home, and I have many pictures to work through.

Here is one to tease your interest.


In jobs, there are micro-managers. I am experiencing the frustration of having a class run by a micro-teacher. This instructor writes out the modules for what you have to learn and includes step-by-step instructions on how to study! So, it’s not just about what you learn, but how you are to learn! It’s agonizingly frustrating dealing with her online course setup. Not only does this person micro-teach, they are a perfectionist and have to explain everything in minute detail, resulting in an insufferable amount of links and pages, and pages and links. Don’t get me wrong, the instructor is a pleasant enough person, but for fuck sake! I spend a college credit’s amount of time just navigating the fucking course pages.

Peter Principle?

… people in a hierarchy tend to rise to “a level of respective incompetence”: employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another.


National Recovery Month

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I wrote this!

I hope you enjoy this very short story of mine.

Update: I somehow managed to delete the original post of my short short story. I have since managed to get it posted.

Please, go read my short story.

Because I Am Anal

Can we all agree it’s “Eat your cake and have it too” and not “Have your cake and eat it too.” The latter is a proper and correct order. Of course, you can have your cake and eat it. If you don’t have the cake first, you obviously can’t eat it.

It’s the former that insinuates greed. Once you eat your cake, how can you then have it? You can’t. It’s gone!!!! So, clearly, “Eat your cake and have it too” is the right and proper saying.

Those of you that think otherwise, you’re mistaken. Just eat some cake and deal with it.