Catch Up

There was a hiccup with the GPS and Runtastic on my last run, causing the first 5 minutes not being recorded. Otherwise, her are the stats:

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A classmate of mine passed away this weekend. I’m shocked and saddened. A heart attack. And she was younger than me.

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Outside Run!

It felt good to get back outside and hit the pavement. Here are the stats:

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Home Improvements.

For the record, I hate doing house repairs. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do them. I just don’t like doing them. So, when I actually do repairs around the house, I think I deserve to brag. So, yeah, this is a bragging post. Anyway, I had to do one repair and one construction job this week.

The repair was the shower/walk-in tub. The hose for the hand-held shower sprung a leak. Unfortunately, it’s an old tub. It means the fixtures are non-standard. That meant figuring out how to jury-rig today’s shower hoses with yesterday’s fittings. In the end, I had to buy an 8-inch dishwasher hose, one package of two 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch fittings (even though I only needed one) and a 3/8 male to 3/8 male fitting so I could connect two 3/8 inch female hose fittings. As the picture shows, the hose no longer retracts into the tub’s interior. That’s because a 1/2 inch fitting does not fit through the hole.

Oh, and all this took about 4 hours due to having to make three trips to the store, one of which was due to forgetting my wallet. This is why I hate doing home repairs. If I could afford a plumber, I’d have rather gone that route.

The other project was the building of a shelf. Now, I’d done something similar in the past, so it didn’t take nearly as long as the shower hose debacle. I bought a 10-foot chain, a 6-foot long board that was 9 inches wide, 4 threaded open hooks, and 4 bolt & nut hooks. And ta-da! one functional shelf in the basement. Now we can watch TV while using the treadmill.

So, there you are. Home repair projects successfully completed. Not necessarily enjoyed (the shower hose repair), but of which I can be proud. Now, I’ve got some light switches to work on, but that’s a completely different type of repair I am definitely not looking forward to doing.

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Running Catch-up

I did manage to run three straight days at the start of the week. Then I took three days off. I hit the treadmill this morning. Here are the stats for the last two runs.

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Miserable Sick

I was miserably sick yesterday. Not sure what I had, but I was dead ass tired, my neck was killing me, and I was depressed. I even had a bad case of racoon eyes. I got home, did some quick reading for my one class so I could at least get an assignment turned in on time. After that I went to bed early. As a result I woke up at 3:30 this morning! But, I feel better. I don’t have racoon eyes and I am not as still and sore.

Having woken early, had my coffee, got my finances in order, and now am taking it easy. I had thought about running, but I did three days in a row at the start of the week. I’ll wait until Saturday to hit the treadmill.

So, anyway, that’s that in a nut shell. You all be on your best behavior. I’d tell you all to behave, but I know that ain’t happening!

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Another Treadmill Post

I kept pulling the damn safety magnet off the treadmill, losing my stats. So, though I have the Runtastic numbers, I had to guess at the distance.

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Treadmill Stats

It’s just too damn blowsery outside for running. So, instead, I decided to use the treadmill. And thankfully Runtastic has the ability to monitor my heart rate while I am on the treadmill. As you can see I didn’t push myself all that hard. Most of my heart rate was spent in the fat burning zone.

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Pass the Salt

Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha!

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First Shoveling

Since it wasn’t heavy enough of a snowfall I ended up shoveling the driveway and sidewalk to the front door, it took about 45 minutes and wasn’t that much of a workout. Maneuvering the massive snowblower probably would have been a more taxing workout.

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