If I had wanted cream and sugar, why the hell would I order the damn coffee?

Today’s Run

An improved heart rate and pace over the previous two runs.


Here goes an attempt to share with my blog.

Well, it didn’t actually work out. Runkeeper could not share the map. So it’s back to saving the picture into a file to upload to here at a later date.


Okay, maybe running over 7 miles yesterday wasn’t the best thought-out idea. My body certainly is giving me a piece of its mind. And it’s using four-letter words I’ve never heard before. Rather insulting, to say the least.

I Laugh At The Face Of Death

So, in my effort to reduce stress in this Unique Time I tempted fate and went for a run. 6.27 miles in 1 hour 16 minutes and 53 seconds. Oh, and I also ran yesterday morning. Below are screenshots of the stats, etc.

And yes, I did come across the occasional human besides myself laughing at death. We engaged in proper social distancing protocols. Except for yesterday. I came across 4 deer as I crossed the tracks behind the Minit Mark gas station on Grand Ave. They just stood there looking at me. They didn’t raise their tails in alarm or move out of the way. I had to run around them! They made no effort at proper social distancing protocols. None-the-less, I was blown away by passing within 3 feet of wild deer. Way cool.

Real Quick

I’m writing this post to past the time while I finish my second cup of coffee. Then it’s off to run. I’m still debating internally whether I should run on the treadmill in the basement or bundle up in my winter running gear and hit the pavement. It’s an ongoing debate that will not be decided until after I’ve finished my coffee.

I hope the rest of you are all playing it safe and avoiding social contact.

The Flu

Just a little short of two weeks ago I came down with the flu. Not last Tuesday, but on Tuesday before. I had supper and within a half-hour, I started to feel a tickle in the back of my throat. Buy the time I went to bed I was fully ill. I spent the next 31.5 hours in bed. I slept the entire time. I had the electric blanket set at high and yet I didn’t sweat. Nor did I get up to go to the bathroom or drink anything. I did manage to get up for a bit on Thursday, but I still slept for another 14 hours. I managed to go to work on Friday. But over the weekend I was achy and exhausted. Even worse so on Monday. I went to Urgent Care and was also diagnosed with a sinus infection.

It’s been six days since I started taking the antibiotic. I still have a bit of a cough, but I have been sleeping for a full eight hours a night. Even more surprising is that I’ve been getting over 3 hours of a deep sleep, and 7 hours of quality sleep. I’m thinking that’s due to the Tessalon Perle, or Benzonatate.

Anyway, today I felt well enough to resume exercise. I managed to run 2.66 miles in 30 minutes. Not bad considering I haven’t exercised in 13 days. I’m hoping I’ve recovered enough from the flu to be able to continue running.

Something’s Wrong

There’s something wrong with me. Seriously. I’m kinda scared. I managed to finish all my school work yesterday, with a simple question and response assignment finished this morning after I ran.

This is not like me. I wait until the last minute. I don’t start on my assignments until I have just a little less time than is necessary to complete them. It’s like I’m suddenly confident in my ability to do my school work.

I’m seriously scared. I need a hug.

Oh, and yes, I’ve been maintaining at least a 2 to 4 day per week exercise routine. And I’m journaling every morning as well.

Wow, I think I’m terminal. That’s it, call it. Pull the plug.

Morning World

So, I’m up and at it early on a Sunday morning. I’ve finished my morning routine of mindfully writing a journal entry, read my horoscopes, and made some chess moves at Gameknot. Now I’m going to get ready to put some time on the treadmill. After that, it’s a run to the store to replace the Cream of Chicken soup I accidentally grabbed yesterday with a can of Cream of Mushroom soup that’s needed for the pork steaks. Once I get home with that, I am going to isolate myself into my office and get my school work done. 

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