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First Shoveling

Since it wasn’t heavy enough of a snowfall I ended up shoveling the driveway and sidewalk to the front door, it took about 45 minutes and wasn’t that much of a workout. Maneuvering the massive snowblower probably would have been … Continue reading

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Catching Up On Stats

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And I Finally Hit The Pavement

It’s been 6 days since I ran and I was pleasantly surprised at my pace and heart rate this morning. I’ve been sick most of the week. On Tuesday I spent 20 hours in bed, actually sleeping. My stomach has … Continue reading

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Incremental Marathon Update

I ran this morning. I also ran Friday morning. I’ve got about 3 days of stats to post sometime in the future.

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Vet Visit

A certain someone, a batshit crazy kitten named Smokey, is going to the vet for further shots, a trimming of her front claws, and possibly the implant of a chip. Right now she’s chasing some noisy toy in the living … Continue reading

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Updating my Macs.

It’s taking quite some time to install the latest update to the iMac and MacBook Air. But in today’s world I can access the internet in a myriad of ways. I suspect the MacBook Air will take less time than … Continue reading

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Yes, I was cray cray and went for a run this morning. Stats will be posted later. The other update is about college. I saw my academic advisor today. He gave me the proposal guideline I’ll need to write for … Continue reading

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Do I or Don’t I?

It’s 19 degrees outside with a wind of 11 mph. Do I go running or don’t I? I’m actually contemplating yes as the answer. I know. I know. I’m crazy. But it’s so fun.

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True That

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Assignments Done!

I had three response assignments needing to be done by 11:59 PM. And they are all now completed. I can rest for the remainder of the night.

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