And thus does another semester come to a conclusion. The results? One B+ and one A. Surprisingly, the A is in a subject I historically sucked at: English. However, the focus of the class was Science Fiction and Fantasy, which I have loved since I first started reading. And my confidence in writing has grown exponentially since high school. Hence my A.

The B+ was in Abnormal Psychology. And no, it was not a self-awareness class, smart asses. I see you all snickering in the back row. Behave yourselves or you’ll show you the airlock.

Anyway, it was a class focused on reading chapters and taking quizzes. Where I struggled is with the exams. I always struggle with exams.

Actually, I probably did better on the exams than I normally would have because of the benefits of the online text. Quizzes were easy because of the nature of the online book. It had a great review chapter with flashcards, plus it’s own quizzes that were a great practice. Hence all my quizzes for the class were 7 or more points. And if you got 6 or more on the quiz, it was automatically adjusted to 10 points.

My grade was hurt by my second exam. I didn’t take advantage of the review chapters and flashcards. But the last two I did, with which I had better results. To be honest, the improvement was significant enough that I raised my grade from a C-.

Also, I was able to save the online lectures until just days before the exam. That way the information from them was fresh. I was also able to speed the videos up so that the 1 hour+ videos took about 50 minutes. That meant about two lectures each day, with about 4 or 5 lectures per exam. Thankfully there was no big “FINAL” exam. Instead, just four ‘midterm’ exams which really were quarterly exams.

All in all this last semester was one of my best. And that was with a bout of stomach flu that put me behind on writing for the English class. Thankfully I had an understanding professor who allowed me to get caught up without any lost points.

One last point: I managed to write my first college essay. I created a thesis, present my arguments with proofs, and finish off with a summary conclusion that resulted in an A. And all without the benefit of having ever taken any classes for essay writing.

I know.

I was surprised myself.

One Class Done!

I took my 4th and final exam for Abnormal Psychology today. I also did the post-class surveys. Now I just need to focus on my English Class. In another few days I’ll be ready for Summer Break.

However, I am eligible to register for fall classes. That means having to look up my Liberal Arts requirements – plus see about doing an online biology class. I guess I can now get a kit and do the labs at home. It’s the one class I am dreading.

I’ll also need to schedule to see my adviser so he can unblock me so I can register. I haven’t yet crafted my degree proposal.

Oh. And I think I have an A in Abnormal Psychology.