What a Day

34 years!

I’m not sure if it’s a sign, or what. But 34 years ago today I used for the last time. 34 years sober. 34 years of change. Some of that change was forward movement, some of it backwards. But through it all I did not return to drugs or alcohol to numb the feelings or hide from the stresses of life.

So, today also happens to be the coldest day in Minnesota for 2019. Like I said, I’m not sure if it’s a sign. I’m sure someone in my life once upon a time thought hell would freeze over before I sobered up. Delayed reaction?


If the Republican Party doesn’t somehow remove Trump from both the presidency and their party, come primary season they are going to have a problem. Legal problems of the current level are minor come what’s next. And during the primaries? Devastating.

Quick Post

I did some reading. I did some listening/watching. I even submitted some writings. That’s enough schooling for today. Good night all. Do try and be on your best behavior. I’d say behave…… but yeah – right. That ain’t going to happen.

About Running

I have been running. I just have not taken the time to upload the stats from Runtastic. And now that my classes have started, I will not be doing so anytime soon. I will keep running, but my time otherwise will be spent doing some very writing and reading intensive classes. One is Abnormal Psychology. The other is Science Fiction & Fantasy. This semester is going to be very trying for me.

Post Storm Non-shoveling

Just Keep Running

So I awoke to above freezing temperatures and slush on the ground. In checking the weather forecast I’ve learned the temperature is going to increase. So, no need to shovel this morning. With the high projected to be 38 I figure the slush will have melted away by the time I get off of work and back from my chiropractor visit.

Now – do I hop on the treadmill for some cardio?

Pre-storm Shoveling

Older picture of deck with snow.

I spent an hour using the snowblower, a shovel, and a sidewalk ice scrapper to clear off the deck. There was a 3-foot tall pile of snow that ran the length of the deck. It came from the roofers scrapping all the ice and snow off the roof.

It was my workout for the day. It most definitely equaled a run because my t-shirt was just as soaked with sweat as if I’d done 30 minutes. The rest of the day will be a lazy day of lounging and resting!