Cold Dead Humor

Wow. I mean, just wow. I have seen this floating around for a few days, but did not take the time to really listen to Jim Carrey’s latest video. First, I haven’t seen him do this biting of humor since his “In Living Color” days. I had forgotten just how dark he could be with his humor. Of course, it is why I loved him even back then. But the other striking feature is the music itself. It is country music as I remember when I was a kid. I have not heard anything like it since Corporate America took over the country music scene in the late 70s.

Anyway, for your listening and humor pleasure:

I almost forgot! Hat tip to Mustang Bobby over at BBWW.

Why I Read Balloon Juice – Part Who Knows How Many

When John Cole is on, he is fucking on!

That’s what white (and heterosexual) privilege feel like. It’s that fucking good. You get to feel good about yourself when you have a couple drinks and watch a movie about your country making baby steps towards treating everyone like human beings.

You have to go read the entire post that is before this final paragraph to really get what John is saying. There are people in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) 20 years who wish they had this kind of personal insight.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee…….

Yeah, about that. Woke up this morning when the alarm sounded at 5:00 AM. Even though I set up the grounds, I did not hit the auto button on my coffee machine. So, on my way to the bathroom I groggily hit the on button to get my coffee brewed. Interestingly enough, when I came out of the bathroom, I noticed the carafe sitting in the dry rack. Then I notice the coffee, and grounds, all over the table and floor.

Needless to say my usual routine of writing in my journal was put aside for the obvious task of cleaning up my mess. Now, 35 minutes later I am sitting here, typing away, with a fresh brewed cup of hot, black coffee. Hell no! there is no cream or sugar. My stupidity goes only so far.

Oh, okay, that was harsh. It has been a bad morning.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Beans………..


My coffee grinder became clogged. In an attempt to unclog it I did this:

Spilled Beans!
Spilled Beans!


Sunday Morning

So here it is Sunday morning, and I have already managed to get one load of laundry into the dryer with a second load just finishing up on its rinse. I have a few more loads of laundry to complete as well some shopping to get out of the way. Also, I plan on dropping off some dice for The Fuskers™. He has decided to start learning how to play Dungeons & Dragons. So in honor of his new endeavor I picked up a complete set of gaming dice that are copper and green. And since I am heading down that way I can also swing by my bank and deposit a check I have had in my wallet for a few weeks. More to follow later.

About Iraq

When the drum beat for invading Iraq grew, I remember having doubts. I read about the reports that were ignored by the legacy media at the time. I also had some semblance of logic that rumbled around my brain; I was able to put some salient points together. Still, I was also willing to give the President of the United States the benefit of the doubt.

Ultimately, I was wrong. I was willfully ignorant. I made no effort prior to 2003 to really read up on what was happening politically. I even proudly stated that in 2000 we proved ourselves to be a civilized, peaceful nation when the election was in doubt; no guns were fired, no civil war erupted as would have been the case in many other countries.

Now, of course, I see that position as completely idiotic. Stealing an election, whether by fraud or by bullet is still stealing. And there are consequences for that type of dishonesty. But I engaged in denial. I ignored the voice of wisdom that my Higher Power gave me. As a result I failed to speak up and evil was allowed to gestate and a war was birthed.

Granted, alone I am not much of a power to turn the tide of evil. Yet I did not need to be alone. I was one of many who willfully allowed politics to ferment without any awareness or input. Blind faith in our Constitution, and in our political process is not what the founding fathers had in mind. Just the opposite; they expected an active roll of the population.

Since the government of the United States of America is of the people, by the people, for the people, it is of utmost importance that the people be educated and involved. I can not speak for others, as much as I would like to, but I can speak for myself; I failed to live up to the ideals of the founding fathers.

Not anymore.

I will not support a war with Iran.


I have a Black & Decker Coffee pot with an auto start feature. So, every morning I wake up to the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee. This morning when the alarm went off something was missing. I did not notice it consciously at first; it nagged at the back of my awareness. I actually fed the cats and hit the bathroom before I discovered the coffee pot was sitting empty.

And no, the coffee machine is not malfunctioning – I am. I failed to set the auto feature last night when I went to bed. Not something I am wont to do on a regular basis. However, I came to the realization that with my coffee pot I am spoiled. Right now I miss having my cup of coffee sitting to the left of me as I either write in my journal or type away at a blog post or make a comment at another blog.

Also: no I am not sitting naked in my mother’s basement eating Cheetos as I type this. First, I live alone in a house I rent. That is right boys and girls! I actually pay rent. I even have a job! Is that not just amazing. Okay, you in the back row, stop snickering before I find something to throw. Second, my parents do not have a basement. Third, I prefer Earl’s Cheese Puffs over Cheetos any day of the week – and twice on Sunday.

Alright you in the back row! Shut it! I have raw eggs in my refrigerator and I am not afraid to use them!

Update: Yeah! My coffee is ready. Thank God! The world is safe now.

My Ten Years Later Post

Along with many others, I am going to quickly comment on the invasion of Iraq. Actually, it is just a copy and past of a comment I left at Bark Bark Woof Woof:

I was a fool and naive back then. I could not contemplate that a President of the United States would actually lie our nation into attacking another country. I figured that was the purview of tyrants and dictators, not duly elected leaders. I have since learned my lesson. Indeed, the talk of Iran smells similar to the lead up in 2003. I will not be so quick to put faith in our industrial/military complex again.

I am not so willing to buy the reports coming out of the neoconservative quarters. They colluded with President Bush in lying our way to invading Iraq, with talk that we would have to also go into Iran. And they have never stopped. Not again.

Conserving Compassion

As a counselor I often joke that I lack compassion, but have plenty of empathy. Now, I have to admit I do have compassion, I just cannot let it get in the way of my doing my job. But that really is a post for another day. But, when it comes to politics, I wonder if compassion is not only advisable, but a requirement. Now, Matthew Yglesias (future conservative) over at Slate, seems to be making the same point.

Remember when Sarah Palin was running for vice president on a platform of tax cuts and reduced spending? But there was one form of domestic social spending she liked to champion? Spending on disabled children? Because she had a disabled child personally? Yet somehow her personal experience with disability didn’t lead her to any conclusions about the millions of mothers simply struggling to raise children in conditions of general poorness. Rob Portman doesn’t have a son with a pre-existing medical condition who’s locked out of the health insurance market. Rob Portman doesn’t have a son engaged in peasant agriculture whose livelihood is likely to be wiped out by climate change. Rob Portman doesn’t have a son who’ll be malnourished if SNAP benefits are cut. So Rob Portman doesn’t care.

He goes on to point out that Rob Portman’s previous position on same-sex marriage “was driven by a lack of compassion and empathy.” If history repeats itself, than we have just come back around to truthfully defining “Conservative Compassion.” That is, conservatives conserve compassion only for their immediate family.