Dry. Very Dry

38 years today. Please keep all open flames away. I am a fire hazard.

When Someone Wants To Scare You

It’s harder to analyze events than to paste labels on them. Events come thick and fast, and pundits have to say something. It’s mostly pundits I’m talking about, but not entirely. History may not repeat, but it does rhyme, they say, and then they reach for one of these tropes. When the tropes are repeated again and again, they can influence policymakers. They flatten everyone’s thinking.

Here are five that I find particularly irritating.

Nuclear Diner

It’s a good read about how pundits quickly give you rhetorical shortcuts when writing about current events. Cheryl Rofer over at Nuclear Diner gives you five signs that the author of the post, op-ed, or Twitter you’re reading is lazy writing and to be avoided.