Quick Post

Weird is the new cool.

That is all.

About Education

Yeah, it’s been a while since I elucidated about my ongoing education. I have a critique paper due tonight for my Family Social Science class. I selected my study and read through it last night. Now I just have to write the essay itself. I also had a chapter to read in the text for the class. And a study on ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences). I have gotten through both of them and did my discussion and response post. Writing the paper will be no problem.


Nothing of import to pass on to my faithful readers. I’m just saying good morning. Oh, and finishing up my morning coffee. I guess that’s important.

If it’s not, what are you doing at my blog? Seriously. If coffee is not important to you don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Well, if blogs had doors.

And if you don’t have an ass – that’s just disconcerting.

New Social Platform

So, a new Social Platform is looking to compete against the Evil Mugtome (Facebook). One point in this new platform’s favor is the ability to prevent people from downloading your pictures. Photographers will appreciate that critical fact. You want to get them out there, but you don’t want them used without your permission. Another point in their favor – easy editing of your profile. And I mean extremely easy. I already have a profile on the site, so I have first-hand experience.

Now, I don’t expect Evil Mugtome to die anytime soon. Hell, even MySpace still exists. But I suspect it will not dominate forever. And MeWe looks to be doing all the right things to compete with Evil Mugtome. Unlike Facebook’s meteoric rise, MeWe seems to be a bit more gradual, though by no means slow. And they look to supply a service to the people who use the platform as opposed to the advertisers. And there are some in-platform purchases you can make, such as buy emojis and stickers. And you can purchase a subscription page to support your business. However, there appear to be no ads.

Well, no ads other than for the platform itself. But that’s understandable. You have to drum up business.

Good Morning!

Actually, I’ve not got much to say. Mostly just finishing up my second cup of coffee. Then I’m off to Miller Hill Mall to drop of Tina for work. Oh, and I’m going for a spot of exercise at the Essentia Fitness Center.

You all best behave while I am out and about. No need to be bringing Western Civilization as we know it to an end.


It has dawned on me that only night people complain about switching back to Standard Daylight Time. Us morning people like having the sunrise shortly after we awake.

I am also aware that only morning people will read this as the dreaded night people are sleeping at the moment. Thankfully. The last thing us cheerful morning people need are cranky, ornery, night people spoiling a perfectly good sunrise with complaining.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I’m going to enjoy my morning coffee and await the sunrise.

Double Update

Just Keep Running

So, the above slideshow has the heart rate stats for both the run on Friday and today’s run. There is also a mile by mile chart of speed, heart rate, and elevation for today. On Friday I was up at the Miller Hill Mall/Essentia Fitness Center. I did upper body weight (arms) work and then hit a treadmill. Today I did an outdoor run.

Today’s run was a long one. I managed to cover 7.6 miles in 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 30 seconds. I averaged 11 minutes and 15 seconds per mile.