I Have Not A Sad

Lack of privacy

This Wired story does not produce one single tear of concern. Look deep in my eyes, and all you’ll see is a desert. I have the Sierra Desert of eyes.

It may have looked like little more than a war of words between two rivals, but Facebook – which warned of the “headwind” posed by iOS 14.5 in its 2020 accounts – was right to be concerned. Since the update went live last month iPhone owners have been opting out of data tracking in their droves. According to Flurry Analytics, 85 per cent of worldwide users clicked ‘ask app not to track’ when prompted, with the proportion rising to 94 per cent in the US. Apple did not respond to requests to comment.


I have never believed my data belonged to any business. And if they are making money on my data and online behavior, then I deserve appropriate compensation. I spend 1/3 of my life getting paid for work that someone else makes money off; I believe that concept applies to what I do online. I am not an internet slave. Do you want to make money off of me? Well, then you damn well owe me a cut.