Missed the Rain

Well, at least during the run. After the run I sat on the deck and meditated, listening to both the music through my ear buds and to the sounds of traffic and the birds. It mostly drizzled, but towards the end it was a very light shower. It was quiet refreshing and relaxing.

Now it’s off to the rest of my day. You all have a good day yourselves.

Rainy Morning

Yet I’m still going for a run. I’ve got the gear. Plus, it doesn’t seem to be raining all that hard. Instead of my poncho I will probably wear my North Face rain jacket. It’s lighter. And with the temperature at 53 degrees I won’t have to worry all that much about getting soaked from sweating.

After the Run

Tina started frying up some sausages that we took out a few days ago but never got around to using. She then promptly left for work, leaving me to finish the job. So, I had myself scrambled eggs, cheese, and 4 sausage links in a brat bun. Excellent breakfast. Now I am in need of a shower.

Oh, there are still 3 links left, which Tina gets. I’m not a total pig.

Coffee First

It’s always coffee first thing in the morning. After finishing the coffee it’s off for a run. I’m trying to stay ahead of the rain. Not that I am afraid of the rain, but I’m wanting to run without a lot of gear on.

Yesterday I did 6 miles, and then walked the last mile. I gauge my max distance on a combination of heart rate and pace. Once I hit a pace of 13 minutes per mile with a heart rate still around 145 – 150 it’s time to stop. Thankfully my recovery was quick. By the time supper rolled around I was back to an 80 heart rate.

On Saturday Tina and I walked just shy of 8 miles. Actually, that’s per Runtastic. I accidentally left the app on pause for 33 minutes, so I know I walked more than 8 miles. But the more important aspect of the walk on Saturday was my heart rate stayed below 100. There are some hills on the Lake Walk that are steep enough I ought to have gone over 100. So, I’m considering this a sign my heart and body are getting healthy.

See During Run

Scared a bird that looked just like this during my run. It simply flew across the trail in front of me and landed on a branch. It kept an eye on me but didn’t fly off.

What Question?

What question should you be asking yourself? The path forward always starts with a question. The quality of your question will determine the quality of your path. What question should you be asking yourself?


Running, running, running! I am going running. I am going running outside. It’s so fusk’n beautiful, that I am going running. I am going running outside.*


Morning All!

Testing My New Plugin

I’m playing around with the various abilities of Gutenberg, the plugin that is soon to be standard for WordPress, the server side program that allows me to publish my blog.

It gives more control over individual aspects of the page. I can control the settings per paragraph. As you can see I am able to have a different background color for every paragraph. I even get to choose different text color per graph. For the purpose of illustrating only. Trust me, I’ll not be playing around like this for every post. Chances are I’ll not even use most of what is offered, or do so in a limited manner.

I can assure you most of my posts will have white background and black type. Golly gee. This is going to be so much fun.

Color Me Surprised

Would you believe I set a new personal record for the mile? I know! I’m surprised myself. 9.19! And that was the third and final mile of the run this morning.

Rough Draft #2

So, I have this rough draft of a novel I finished back around 2007 or 2008. It’s hand written. Couldn’t begin to tell you how many words or pages. I have attempted to type it into an electronic file only to have my internal critic make the whole process painful.

Now I’m starting fresh. I remember the general story and I know some of the timeline issues I need to resolve, like one character’s illness. It appeared suddenly at a point in the book after other scenes were created that should have brought it to light then.

Oh, and now I’m typing it instead of writing it by hand. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve committed myself to writing 200 words per day. I managed a little over 400 for my first day.

I get in a hurry. When I write. My brain gets impatient and I find myself losing the thread. So, with the Mindfulness techniques I have learned I’m going to take it easy. Hell. The rough draft has been sitting untouched for going on 12 years. What’s the hurry now?