A Milestone

It was thirty years ago today that I took the road to recovery. Since then, not a drop of liquor, beer, or any other type of alcoholic beverage, nor any type of illicit drug, has passed by my lips. It’s been an interesting road, with a lot of failures, and a lot of successes. Thankfully the successes far out paced the failures over time. What’s really changed is that where I once saw life as struggle and misery, I now see as simply challenges and lessons to be learned.

Along the way I’ve made some enduring friendships, many whom I may only see once a year, or even farther apart than that. Yet, when I see them, it’s as if we only last saw each other yesterday. Even with our paths taking different directions, that connection of growth has lasted longer than any so-called times of fun when drinking and using.

In the end, I have to acknowledge that my recovery has been because of others – their stories, their insights, and their courage have helped me to take risks and move down roads with unknown outcomes. Many have pointed out my errors in thinking, and my poor behaviors. Many continue to do so; all to my betterment.

My 30 years of sobriety is not just a testament to my efforts, but the efforts of hundreds of others over the years, both in the program, and in my personal and professional life. So, this Milestone is less about bragging and more about being thankful.

So, my gratitude goes out to all that have helped me.

And yes, I am also still bragging!

Update: Corrected for spelling. One simple mistakes, sheesh!

A New Year

Welcome to a New Year. Yes, I know, I’ve blogged my usual low amount. I let myself get caught up in life and so don’t actually write about life. That’s how it is. Hell, that’s how it’s always been with me and blogging. I started out strong back in 2003. But after a few months, I started to slow down. Now, I what, blog about once every couple of months?

Anyway, this is not a post to promise more posts, because that never works. It’s just the usual, occasional, post from me stating the obvious. Call me Captain. Obvious.

And no, I don’t need a hotel room.

Bugger off, would you.