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Infinity War

I’ve watched the Hulk/Thanos fight several times and it just seems there is something wrong with the Hulk. I can’t put my finger on it, but it just seems as if the Hulk is not his Hulking self. That he … Continue reading

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The Day After

Yeah, yesterday’s runs and walks kicked my ass. I foolishly pushed myself farther in the first run than I should have. As a result, I was exceedingly wiped out. I ended up taking over an hour nap. I also slept … Continue reading

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I’m A Sharing!

This is just a quick post to test the social sharing of Jetpack, a plugin for WordPress that automatically shares my posts with all sorts of social media.

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Morning All!

Testing My New Plugin I’m playing around with the various abilities of Gutenberg, the plugin that is soon to be standard for WordPress, the server side program that allows me to publish my blog. It gives more control over individual … Continue reading

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Rough Draft #2

So, I have this rough draft of a novel I finished back around 2007 or 2008. It’s hand written. Couldn’t begin to tell you how many words or pages. I have attempted to type it into an electronic file only … Continue reading

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Trying Out Beta

Nothing all that important needing to be posted. I'm just trying out the beta posting portion of the WordPress app. It has some cool functionality. Oh, and I wrote this post on my phone.

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New Addon for Firefox

I have a new grammar, spell check, and punctuation addon for Firefox. It proofs as I write, giving me all sorts of suggestions and corrections. So far I’m liking it! Hoping it will help improve my posts. Huh. It appears … Continue reading

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iPhone Camera Problems

Well, it seems that WordPress and the iPhone Camera don’t communicate well. In fact, not at all. I like to switch from Portrait to Landscape (you know, turn the phone sideways) when taking picturtes. Unfortunately, it seems WordPress doesn’t, or … Continue reading

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Deleted and Rearranged Menus

Okay, I did a bit of cleaning up. The old menu selection in the black below the above pictures needed to be cleaned out. The old link pages were woefully out of date and I simply did not want to … Continue reading

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New App For My New Computer

So, I picked up a new iMac. I’m getting ready to return to college. Online college. And my MacBook Air just wasn’t going to cut it. I have to say, I’m glad to have made the switch from Window machines … Continue reading

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