Evening Chuckle


If the DSM 5 is going to consider a caffeine substance use disorder, then it damn well better consider an Ice Fishing Personality Disorder as well…….. I’m just saying. For a friend. Advertisements


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Fall Grades

Two classes, both with -A! And here’s the kicker – I didn’t put all that much effort into creating quality for the assignments. That is, I didn’t get all worked up about writing the perfect content for my various assignments. I just […]

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To Run or Not to Run?

It is currently 16 degrees below zero. Now, I bought winter running gear – shoes and under garments. Oh, and this way cool jacket having specialized sleeves with ends that can be converted to mittens. Way warmer than wearing regular mittens or […]

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General / Tina


Okay, Tina made me* change her passenger side headlight, take the garbage and recycles down to the curb, and shovel the front sidewalk for the postal delivery person. Now I’m exhausted. I think I’m coming down with the Man Flu. Commence Tina […]

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