If the DSM 5 is going to consider a caffeine substance use disorder, then it damn well better consider an Ice Fishing Personality Disorder as well……..

I’m just saying.

For a friend.

Fall Grades

Two classes, both with -A! And here’s the kicker – I didn’t put all that much effort into creating quality for the assignments. That is, I didn’t get all worked up about writing the perfect content for my various assignments. I just wrote. I did the work, I didn’t care about the quality of the work.


I did the effort.

And honestly, not all that much effort was required.

Next semester I’m taking three classes. 9 credits. Might have to put more effort into taking the time to do the work. Honestly, I would wait until the day they were due and then get them done. I know I could work on the various assignments earlier, but somehow I couldn’t get motivated until the last day. Funny, but I never felt pressured by time when I did get started. Other than once or twice I managed to get the assignments done with hours to spare before the deadline.

So, I guess you’re wondering – am I bragging or complaining?

Most definitely bragging.

Considering the horror that was school when I was a kid, and even in my 30s when going to college in the earlier 90s for my Alcohol and Drug Counseling certificate, what I’m experiencing now is a joy. I am enjoying the process of learning. In fact, I’m enjoying that I am learning. I’ve given up on worrying about what the teacher thinks of my work and I focus on what I am learning.

It really is about focus isn’t it. I mean, to hell with the grades. To hell with what I think the teacher wants to see. My job is to simply write about what I’ve learned. In the end that’s what counts.

And I Ran

I ran so far away……….

And I still ended up with frozen toes! Yet it was a good run, though short. I am going to have to do some research on how to keep my toes from freezing when running. Otherwise, I had a good run. Exhilarating, in fact. I will do it again. And soon.

To Run or Not to Run?

It is currently 16 degrees below zero. Now, I bought winter running gear – shoes and under garments. Oh, and this way cool jacket having specialized sleeves with ends that can be converted to mittens. Way warmer than wearing regular mittens or gloves. It also has an attached face mask that works well. But 16 below? I don’t know. I’m going to think on it for a bit more.

Of course, I remember having to do farm chores in way worse weather. But than, I was younger and dumber back then. Actually, the only thing that’s different is I’m not younger. So, yeah. That.


I’m about to head up to bed. Just a quick note to say I had a wonderful time at Tina’s daughter’s house. Good food, good company. And a great shirt. A Mother Covfefe shirt! Covfefe yeah!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas.

New Castle

I just closed on the house. I am now a home owner for the third time in my life. This time with a fixed rate mortgage. And a damn fine monthly payment!

Incremental Marathon – Man Flu Leg

I believe I am delusional from the Man Flu because I ended up running after feeling exhausted from spoiling Tina.


Okay, Tina made me* change her passenger side headlight, take the garbage and recycles down to the curb, and shovel the front sidewalk for the postal delivery person. Now I’m exhausted. I think I’m coming down with the Man Flu.

Commence Tina shouting “BULLSHIT” in 5, 4, 3,……..

*And no, she didn’t make me. I spoil her.