Attack of the Sweat Zombie!

Running / Tina

So, after taking two weeks off from running I finally motivated myself to step once again onto the treadmill. I did not achieve any fantastic pace. Yet, it was respectable considering the 14 day break. 2.65 miles in 30.04 minutes. I’m okay with that.

Of course, after 30 minutes of running I generated quiet the saturation of sweat on my tea-shirt. And, as always, I requested a hug from Tina. It’s a little act we’ve developed over the years. I request a hug, she adamantly refuses. It’s understandable considering my tea-shirt is dripping sweat like a torrential rain storm.

Today I added a new twist, chasing after her with my arms out as she walked away. She made a comment about being chased by a sweat zombie. So, I started moaning “huuuggggg!” repeatedly as I shuffled after her through the house. You’ll be relieved to hear she managed to escape to the basement to do laundry. Zombies don’t do stairs well.

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