Seriously Ill!

Okay, I have to admit that since Thursday I’ve been ill. I believe I actually came down with the flu. I haven’t had anything worse than a cold or mild respiratory infection in over 20 years.

This illness messed me up. First, I had aches and pains in my hips, and eventually my whole body. I had something going on in my chest, but it didn’t cause any sinus blockage usually associated with a cold. Nor did I cough all that much. But when I did it tore up my throat.

I stayed home from work Friday – which I am loath to do – and just sat in front of the TV watching movies and basically drifting in and out of sleep. On Saturday morning I managed to crawl out of bed and take a shower, but I had a hell of a time moving and keeping my balance.

And the worst of it? Everything tasted like shit! Even coffee.

Yes, you read that right.


That’s how seriously ill I was.

I was just too wiped on Friday morning to make a pot. Somehow, despite how miserable I felt, I managed to get dishes done Friday evening and set up my coffee pot for the morning. So, when I got up on Saturday I started the pot, got in the shower, and then – after getting dressed – promptly laid down on top of my bedding to rest and fell asleep.

Now, I’ve no problem with coffee a couple of hours old. But when I finally managed to crawl off my bed – and that took some serious effort – and pour myself a cup it tasted horrible. I ended up pouring it all out!

There’s just something fundamentally not right about pouring out coffee. I shudder now just thinking about that atrocity. I might actually be scarred for life.

Well, anyway, I no longer suffer the aches and pains of the last two days. I’ve still the cough to content with, but it too is not nearly as painful. And instead of feeling weak due to sickness, I feel weak due to hunger!

I ate yesterday, and the day before, but not much. It was an effort to eat anything since it all tasted like crap. Since my coffee tastes delicious this morning, I’ve no fear about food.

Okay, enough about my illness. I’ve got to get into the shower now and get ready for the trip to the cities –  I’ve “The Hobbit” to see with The Fuskers™!