Been Here Before

Some things never change.

I Don’t Recognize My Country

The President of the United States defended Nazis and was praised by the former Grand Wizard of the KKK. What the hell happened to my country?

This Is All That’s Needed To Be Said……

………. to explain the irrational, infantile behavior of the ultra religious conservatives in this country.

(Bark Bark Woof Woof) Their biggest fear is that they will now be treated the same way as they used to treat the ones they marginalized.

Bobby said what I’ve been thinking for years.

And the thing is, if they truly lived by their Christian values and beliefs, they would not have to fear being treated in the same manner they treated the marginalized.

A Rude As He Can

Wow. Just wow.

So he’ll just say this: On that night last February, when he got out of his car, George Zimmerman became the judge and jury of Trayvon Martin, accused of the crime of being a black male teenager walking in a neighborhood. Zimmerman then became Martin’s executioner because, like so many oppressed people before him, Martin resisted Zimmerman’s judgment. So Zimmerman did what scared people in power do all the time. He used overwhelming force to stop Martin’s resistance. It is the same kind of force that has killed people and movements in America and all over the world.

George Zimmerman wanted Trayvon Martin to submit to his power, to be what Zimmerman had adjudicated him to be. Trayvon Martin refused. Trayvon Martin resisted. And that’s why Trayvon Martin, like so many resisters before him, had to be killed.

There was no way George Zimmerman was going to be found guilty because his guilt would have made Trayvon Martin innocent and said that the law was wrong. Even worse, it would have made Trayvon Martin, the black male teenager, right in his resistance, and the state of Florida, if not the entire nation, would not allow that to happen.

Hat Tip: Alternate Brain.