It’s Raining

For the second time in April, it’s raining. Our first rain was Friday. Now today. The showers were bookends for the weekend. I had a rough week last week. I ended up feeling under the weather (like what I did there?). In fact, I stayed home for two days; Wednesday and Thursday. I still wasn’t feeling the best on Friday, but I didn’t want to use up all my Personal Time. I’m not yet up to stuff. As usual, I have acquired a sinus infection. I was warned by my Ears, Nose, & Throat specialist to expect a sinus infection after I catch any other illness. This past week it started out as a stomach bug but morphed into a mild respiratory disease. But the aches and pains were more than moderate. Now, of course, the post nasal drip and headache of the sinus infection.

It sucks getting old. As we get older, we are less prone to vomiting when we get the stomach bug. I did vomit a little on Wednesday morning. I spent the rest of the two days exhausted, sleeping most of the time. In my youth (though I thought of it as adulthood back then) I would vomit gallons of fluids up, once threatening to cause the toilet to self-flush. So, that’s one thing I don’t miss.

Snow Blower

Finally was able to use my new snow blower. Great improvement over using a shovel. However, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be the first and last time I use it this season.

Update on Cinnamon

Well, it’s not broken, nor is it her hip. Her right rear leg has either a sprained tendon or bone cancer. I’m pretty sure is a sprain. However, she has lost 7 pounds since last she was weighed in 2012.  She eats and drinks up a ton. So, it has to be a thyroid problem. The blood tests ruled out kidney and liver problems. Anyway, I am much more relieved. I tell you, I was getting an upset stomach worrying about the worse case scenarios.


Something is wrong with Cinnamon’s right rear leg. It’s not that she is in pain. She just seems to not have control over it. When she stretches she can’t straighten it out like she can the others. I have an appointment for her to see the vet at 9:00 AM. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.