Guy Andrew Hall


It never feels good. We can embrace it, yet it still feels uncomfortable. We can accept it is happening, yet we still feel vulnerable. We can hope for the best, but it will always be messy and uncontrollable. At best, we can be mindful and let go of our expectations. Fight change and suffer. Be […]


An old blogging friend mentioned that it appeared I had less drama in my life. That’s not true. I just don’t blog about it here. I did say on Facebook that I lost my job. Yes, that constitutes serious drama. However, it was due to my foolishness. I lost touch with my empathy. I began […]

My Corona

How long until Weird Al turns “My Sharona” into “My Carona?”

Slip Free

Our reality has slipped. Our perspectives have been left behind. The age of possibility and expansion has been replaced with the age of consequence and reduction. The promise of a better life has been replaced with a plight of uncertainty and stagnation.


People are desperately clinging to their old life unwilling to see that it is already dead.

Virus Updates

The first reported case has been confirmed for St. Louis County. Health officials say the woman in her late 60s and is currently recovering at home. Her infection is linked to domestic travel, and not the result of community transmission, according to health officials. KBRJ 6 Meanwhile, in the Southern part of our state: MINNEAPOLIS […]

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