Good Bye Pal

He was 19 years old. For a cat that’s 92 human years. He had late stage renal failure due to cancer. So, today we took him to the Superior Animal Hospital & Boarding Suites and he was put to sleep. We were with him as the medication was administered. He was calm and restful as he drifted into sleep.

I will miss him deeply. I only knew him for 5 years, but I fell for him immediately.

Good bye Freddy. You were a great friend.

Combined Stats

Since my Apple Watch decided to act up today, I ended up with two separate posts. Combined I ran 3.57 miles in 39.58 minutes. Not bad.

Hopefully the only reason my watch acted up was because of the new update. Or it could have been my jacket brushing against the watch as I ran.

Do I or Don’t I?

Run. I’m contemplating a run. It’s 6 degrees at the moment. I have the gear to run in this temperature but it’s getting up the motivation to find it. Actually, it’s just the running coat I need to find. I have the other stuff already out.


Resumption of Running

I hit the pavement today. It was nice. No wind, slightly obscured sun without it being grey and overcast. The roads were dry, but the sidewalks had some snow and ice. Thankfully I have new shoes that are designed for muddy trail running. Though not perfect, they did keep me from slipping so that I didn’t strain my back or legs.

With the move done I am looking forward to regular runs. I didn’t gain too much weight, but I have goals I want to achieve; both weight and conditioning.


Now that we are moved into our new place it’s the start of the adjustment phase. Resuming usual routines require the incorporation of the physical layout of the house and the location of simple things like light switches, appliances, etc. Plus, there’s still the unpacking that needs to occur. Yet, already there’s a level of comfort in this house that did not exist in the last place we lived. For one thing, we no longer have to walk down a flight and a half of stairs outside to do laundry. We have one flight, all inside. Nor is there a driveway up a hill that was impossible to climb after a heavy snowfall, or after a sloppy thaw.

Another interesting fact is that the cats have quickly settled in. The last time we moved Cinnamon was pissed for days on end, hissing at anyone’s approach, cat or human. She remained hidden behind the couch for at least 24 hours. Here? She was out from behind the couch in less that 12 hours, exploring and smelling. She quickly discovered she could sit on the back of the couch look out the picture window and watch the traffic.

Of the most importance is the coffee station. Though on a temporary table, we have the basics laid out. Now it’s just a matter of finding a more appropriate sized table to use – the old table is too long for the layout of this kitchen.

Finally, the lighting of this house is problematic. We are going to need more lamps. And I have to rehang a lamp in the kitchen. But it is a small problem, not something so horrible as to cause regret. Not when I look out the back door and see my backyard.


We are now in our new home! Freddy took it all in stride. However, Kang and Cinnamon are hiding behind the couch. Cable guy has come and gone – we have TV and internet! Now it’s time for me to head to work for 3 hours. Then it’s back home to sleep in my new house!

1.7 Miles

It’s moving day! Well, that is the moving company is coming to take the big stuff – couches, tables, washer/dryer, etc., etc., etc.. We already moved most of the small stuff. Right now I’m just finishing up my coffee as we wait for the moving truck to arrive.


Blowsery is a word used in an old Pinky & the Brain cartoon. Otherwise it isn’t really a word. Yet, if one steps outside today in the little neighborhood of Smithville, Blowsery is the most appropriate of words.

And at the most inappropriate of times since moving must go on!

The Jinx is Dead!

Years and years ago it was a given I could not watch the Vikings on TV. If I did, they always lost. Interestingly enough, when I didn’t watch, for whatever reason, they won. So, I made it a habit of simply not watching them. I stuck by that except on a couple of occasions when they looked to be having good seasons. Yes, they lost on those occasions.

Well, I stuck to my guns and didn’t watch the Vikings once this year. But this is a different Vikings team. Gone are the arrogant star players that never lived up to their own hype. Gone are the stories of river boats, hookers, DWI’s, and kicking journalists.

Instead, it’s a team with depth. Injuries have not stopped them. Hell, the 3rd string quarterback is leading this team. This is a well couched, well lead team.

So, I thought, what the hell, I’ll watch them today. I was happy at the end of the first half. I mean, 17 -0! And then it seemed as if the team of old was back. The team that choked. The team that always managed to blow leads and fail to capitalize on opportunities. And then in the last 2 seconds the 60 yard pass play with a wide open field. The Vikings Win!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, yes. The Jinx is broken!

Now, if they can just get to and win the Superbowl,


Good Morning!

I’m working on my last cup of coffee as well as waiting for the morning to brighten enough to go on a run. It’s 35 degrees out there right now. The wind makes it feel like 25 degrees, but that’s still down right balmy after last week’s morbid temperatures. If it wasn’t for the wind I could see running in short and a t-shirt!

The 10 day forecast shows the temperature dropping back down towards single digits next week. However, it’s above zero, so it’s still tolerable. Anyway, as of right now next Tuesday* Wednesday appears to have a high of 15 degrees. It’s our final moving day when we bring in professionals to move the big stuff. I’m done carrying furniture and appliances up and down stairs. I’m too old for that shit. Tina and I will finish up the small stuff this weekend. By the weekend after we should be settled in!

*Talk about karma. Tina pointed out I had the wrong day. She’s smiling brightly, let me tell you.