My Morning Chuckle

Thankfully I didn’t have any liquids in my mouth when I came across this.


My Morning Chuckle!

If you don’t laugh, you ain’t got a funny bone.


gop-terrorists-error-recovery-siubhanduinneIn case you are wondering; no, control/alt/delete will not get you to this screen. What a shame. It would make the Republicans rather redundant……..


Oh, and a tip o’ the hat to Anne Laurie of Balloon Juice.

Now I Understand!

I always wondered how the garden Gnomes ended up headless!

Hat tip: Bark Bark Woof Woof

Cold Dead Humor

Wow. I mean, just wow. I have seen this floating around for a few days, but did not take the time to really listen to Jim Carrey’s latest video. First, I haven’t seen him do this biting of humor since his “In Living Color” days. I had forgotten just how dark he could be with his humor. Of course, it is why I loved him even back then. But the other striking feature is the music itself. It is country music as I remember when I was a kid. I have not heard anything like it since Corporate America took over the country music scene in the late 70s.

Anyway, for your listening and humor pleasure:

I almost forgot! Hat tip to Mustang Bobby over at BBWW.