Some Nature Pictures

This is a sea cave at Clay Point County Park surrounded by Clay Banks State Natural Area in Door County, WI. It is a little, out-of-the-way park with a small green and a gazebo.

Temperance State Park

Temperance River

iPhone Camera Problems

Well, it seems that WordPress and the iPhone Camera don’t communicate well. In fact, not at all. I like to switch from Portrait to Landscape (you know, turn the phone sideways) when taking picturtes. Unfortunately, it seems WordPress doesn’t, or can’t, read the orientation information that is embedded in the photo. So, all the pictures I took sideways are showing up sideways. Anyway, instead of posting a ton of pictures all at once here on my blog, I just posted them all directly on Facebook.

I’d rather post them here. But, until I figure out how to get WordPress to show them properly, I guess it’s to Facebook I go.

Still, let me show you one.


Photo Blogging Part 5

So, in Part 3 I mentioned there were some 80 to 90 year old poplars in the Lost Valley Natural Area. I did some digging and managed to find a few. For the purpose of perspective I am in the pictures. I took these with a very old HP digital camera. Unfortunately, it was stolen from me shortly after these shots were taken. My next digital camera didn’t have a timer for taken shots like this. Oh, and these are not High Definition shots, yet they’re still pretty damn clear.


Now, what looks like fallen tree on this 100 year old bridge is actually a branch from the tree I am standing next to in the first picture.


And here’s the shot showing you where the branch used to be before it was blown off the tree.


And here’s another one with me. And yes, I have a hell of a lot less gray hair.

Photo Blogging Part 4

100_0028Because, you know, nothing counters the winter doldrums than a picture of summer. This, by the way, is the Vermilion Falls in Hastings. It’s right behind the Con-Agra mill.

Photo Blogging Part 3

Lost Valley 005This Natural Area was once part of our old farm. The majority of the land is now a rural housing development in Southern Washington County. What I used to jokingly call the back 40 is really only about 5 acres, and is now prairie restoration. North of that are valleys created by centuries of run off from spring melts. It’s really quite beautiful. I’ve got close to 50 or 60 pictures I’ve taken over the years. Some of which I’ve lost. Hopefully I’ll be able to locate them, because down in the eastern end of the valleys are some 80 or 90 year old poplar trees that are stunning.Lost Valley 043

Here’s a picture from the north side of the valley. If you click on the picture you can just make out the back of the sign that’s in the first picture.


I’m looking for a Photo editing app for my MacBook Air. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t usually do a lot of editing so I’m not interested in a monthly fee. I’d rather have something that allows me to crop, resize, etc. Don’t really need any layering or filters at this point.

Photo Blogging Part 2

This is one of my favorite pictures. I took it in 2003. There is an old trestle bridge converted into a walking/biking path crossing the Vermilion River about a mile downriver from the falls. I was on the ice just under that bridge when I took this shot. I’ve long lost the jpg version, but this bitmap is nice and sharp. It used to adorn my old desktops before the advent of widescreen monitors. In fact, I might edit it so that the running water can sit on my current desktop.

Picture 011

Photo Blogging Part 1

I’m going through my old pics from over 10 years ago. I’m going to post some from time to time. Nothing more than making use of pictures that otherwise are just sitting in the cloud doing nothing.

My Favorite Pic

This particular picture was just a whim, as the description notes. In fact, I didn’t even look through the view finder. I just held the camera over the plant while walking by and clicking. When I got home and looked at it on my computer I realized just how beautiful it was. I’ve used it on my PC and MacBook Air desktops ever since.