No Doubt!


Okay, I finally motivated myself to go for a run. 45 minutes. Outside. It was refreshing and hard work. Though they cleaned off the side walk, it was still covered with at least a half inch to an inch of snow. It’s like running on sand. Exhausting. But it gave me a good workout.

Good Morning!

Working on motivation

Damn, am I stiff this morning. I’ve been sitting at my desk, perusing Facebook after having read my horoscopes. I’m on my second cup of coffee while Smokey is working really hard at getting my attention so I can give her attention. Anyway, my lower back is not enjoying the sitting. I’m thinking it’s about time for a run. It usually helps in eliminating the aches and pains. But it takes mental energy to get motivated for running. And the last time I managed motivation was Friday morning before work.

I had to resort to the air spray to keep Smokey off my desk. In fact, I finally chased her out of the office she was so insistent on knocking anything and anything off my desk.