Cat Blogging

CinnamonArmThis is what I have to deal with every morning when I sit at my computer. I try to tell Cinnamon that is not a real mouse, and is certainly not the way you go about catching a mouse. But, as usual, she neither complies nor acknowledges that she hears me.

Photo Blogging Part 4

100_0028Because, you know, nothing counters the winter doldrums than a picture of summer. This, by the way, is the Vermilion Falls in Hastings. It’s right behind the Con-Agra mill.

Best Laid Plans

See, the plan was simple. Elegantly simple. It was to remain inside and stay warm and cozy with My Love. However, she wasn’t paying attention yesterday when she picked up some ingredients for the chili she is making today in the slow cooker. She grabbed two cans of diced tomatoes and one can of crushed tomatoes. Unfortunately, one of the cans of diced tomatoes was flavored with Basil, Oregano, and Garlic. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t think there’s such a thing as Italian Chili.

Sigh. I guess I will also take the time to pick up some AA batteries and a few odds and ends since I have to brave the cold, miserable weather. But than, that’s what you do when you love someone as much as I do My Love.

Butt Chugging: A New Trend Teens Are Doing

This is not all that surprising. A few years ago there were reports coming out of Africa of kids taking human excrement, sealing it in a bottle, and then letting it sit in the sun for a few days. After that they’d open it up and take a good, deep whiff.

Then there were the alcohol atomizers. Instead of drinking it, you breathed it in as a mist. It was set to become all the rage, but I think it faded.

There’s a new trend to getting drunk. Butt chugging is becoming more popular, but be careful, it can get dangerous.

Source: Butt Chugging: A New Trend Teens Are Doing | PressRoomVIP

Some of this is as much media overreaction and playing on basic human fears – it goes back millenniums that kids are just no damn good.

Still, at what point is this suddenly a good idea?










And next thing you know, when doing Chemical Health assessments I’ll be asking if they are sharing bottles the same way I have to ask if they’re sharing needles……