Theme Adjustments Completed!

I’ve spent my Sunday Morning playing around with WordPress Themes. I’ve settled on the Sandalwood Theme. Simple, uncomplicated, and modern. Plus, I added a picture of Two Harbors, Minnesota, to the header. It’s taken from the breakwater barrier. Tina and I had a picnic there a year or so ago. Afterward, we took a walk to the end of the barrier. There are a few other pictures from that day.

Who Invented Mornings?

Sigh. Yes, I’m up. I’ve had my coffee. Now to go out into the world and adult. Okay, change of question: who invented adulting?

It’s Morning, I’m Awake, Now Back Off!

Brighter Days

I’m doing okay. I struggled mid-sleep time but, for the most part, slept well enough. The week begins, and I’m up for the challenge. However, I’ve yet to finish my coffee. Still, I’ll hold onto my hope and see what the day brings.

The rest of you be on your best behavior. I’d tell you all to behave, but that’s asking for more than can be expected. Instead, be Zen about the day. If you can’t behave than at least go all out in whatever behavior you are going to engage in today. It probably is all I can ask.

The Lost Hope of Love


The question I keep asking myself – what’s the use of writing about politics? What purpose is there in pointing out the inconsistencies, the hypocrisies, and the outright lies of the current administration?

I started blogging in 2003, writing about everything political, hoping against hope things would change. And for eight years, I held out hope. I had hope that compassion, acceptance, and inclusion would win out.

And then 2016 rolled around, and all my hopes turned to horror. I have watched over these last three years as racists, white nationalists, and bigots freely walked the White House’s halls. Hell, the crafting of policies occurred with them seated at the table. Meanwhile, twitters released daily, barely lacking qualities of an educated pre-schooler, are enflaming the uneducated and intellectually lazy masses.

I had, for a few years anyway, hope that love would govern the day. It is not to be so. Instead, hate, fear, and insecurity rule this era.

People holding the idea that the Office of the President of the United States being nothing more than a seat for a puppet surely have not been paying attention. Shit indeed runs downhill.

Demonstrating Commitment

Just Keep Running

Okay, to show my commitment to both blogging and to exercise, here is the latest from the Incremental Marathon. I have decided to turn off all audio cues during exercise. Instead, I am paying attention to both my breath and the blood flow through my eyes. That is, if I’m pushing myself too hard, I start to see the blood throb in my eyesight.

Loss of Motivation


I have lost all motivation for blogging. I do not have the energy to share my thoughts with the few readers that frequent. My motivation always fluctuates in regards to blogging. However, since about October of last year, life has been handing me one challenge after another. These challenges have severely impacted my self-esteem and self-worth. It is only recently that I’ve begun to pull myself out of my morass. I have done some posts on the challenges, but I’ve not taken the time to write more extensively on them and how I’ve allowed them to beat me down. Suffice it to say that I’ve worked on self-compassion. So, this post – hopefully – is the first effort at getting myself back into a desire to write.

Catch Up

Just Keep Running

So, I’ve not been the most motivated with my exercise. I’ve also not been the most motivated in posting the results to my blog. So, hence this catch-up post.

The app messed up this map. Somehow the GPS didn’t stop registering even though the app stopped monitoring. So, that straight line is my drive to work. However, all the stats for this run appear to be correct.

Really, there’s nothing to say about this run.

This run felt pretty good. I pushed myself on heart-rate, which seemed to clear my head.

For Want of Rain

Just Keep Running

All it did was sprinkle. And then only during the last 8 minutes or so of the run. I missed the heavy rain which occurred before I hit the pavement. It wasn’t a bad run considering I took six days off. Still, I would have liked a heavier rain in which to run.