A Bit Early

I’m watching “Die Hard.” Yes, I know. It’s not Christmas yet. It’s still Halloween. But, what the hell. I’m feeling roguish. Besides, any holiday is a good holiday to watch Alan Rickman be the antagonist.

Incremental Marathon Part ∞x∞

Just Keep Running

Not a bad feeling run after having taken a week off from exercising. Anyway, I am pleased. Unfortunately, I’ve gained weight. At my best, I was at 215. Currently, I’m at 231. And I can feel the extra 16 pounds when I run. Hell, I can feel the extra pounds just walking about the house and at home.

It means working harder at maintaining my exercise routine. In addition to feeling the weight in my daily activities, I also struggle with sleep. Again, it’s about maintaining a routine. In this case, it’s about meditating at night before bed. I listen to an isochronic tone set to the low spectrum from the site myNoise.net. There are over 200 different noise generators. Some are great at increasing alertness. Others do an admirable job of creating drowsiness, such as the isochronic tone I mentioned earlier. In the morning, I listen to Neuromodulator. It does an excellent job of eliminating and/or reducing my tinnitus. I donated money to the site, so I have a wide range of sounds available. However, you don’t have to donate money, and you’ll still have a good selection of sounds.

Incremental Marathon Part ∞

Just Keep Running

My lower back was aggravated with me so I had to stop and switch to walking.

Of course, I hadn’t ran for 10 days so I’m grateful I managed 2 miles before my back yelled at me.

Good Morning Blogstonia!

My coffee cup

I’ve finished my coffee, completed my morning routine, and am now contemplating a run in the cold outdoors. I have the gear for it. The issue is getting motivated to dress properly and stretch before the run. Running is never a problem. It’s motivating myself for the preparation with which I struggle.

Some Nature Pictures

This is a sea cave at Clay Point County Park surrounded by Clay Banks State Natural Area in Door County, WI. It is a little, out-of-the-way park with a small green and a gazebo.

I Am So Bored I Changed The Blog

As you can see, a new theme has been employed at this here old blog. I hope you enjoy the new look. If you don’t, what do I care. Like your opinion matters to me?

Really, it doesn’t.

No. Really.

Just keep it to yourself. Okay?

Whatever. Bite me.

Any Suggestions for Today?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Those of the ridiculous kind shall be mocked relentlessly. Or given kudos for being imaginative and outrageous. It depends on whether I like you. Or not. More than likely not. Mostly because I’m bored and having enemies makes for an exciting day.

So, yeah, I don’t like most of you.

However, again… suggestions would be appreciated.

Look What The Cat Dragged In!

The Castle
It’s like the eighth mouse this season.

At least it was a mouse and not a bird like she brought in one day last month.