Move On

No, not the political organization. The act. As in move on with your life. My brother was killed because he and his friends decided to drink and drive. I mourned, I moved on. From time to time I experience some sadness because I loved my brother and I miss him. But I’ve moved on.

In 2003 I lost 6 people important to my life. All within 6 months. I mourned, I moved on. From time to time I experience some sadness because I loved my friends and relatives. But I’ve moved on.

In 2001 our country was attacked, and over 3000 people died. None of them had any connection to me other than most of them were Americans. Others were Foreign Nationals. In any case, they were not important to me in any manner like my brother, my relatives, and my friends. I’ve moved on.

It seems this date is used more to justify hate and negate love. It is used to sell fear and win votes. It is used for anything but healing. I’d really like us to heal, please. Enough about fear, terror, and hate. We can’t heal if we continue to be afraid. I am tired of hearing about how we are supposed to be afraid. I want to hear from my leaders how we are to heal.

It really is time for us to heal as a country. 15 years is long enough to mourn.

Why I Read John Cole – Part “Who Can Count That Far”

Remember that the next few days during the media frenzy, if you must watch. I would recommend you don’t. And I refuse to give up another right to prevent another “Boston,” but you know there will be calls to “do something.” We still take our god damned shoes off at airports because of a failed attempt. Lord only knows what is going to come down the pipeline now. The only thing we “need” to do is find the perpetrators, try them, convict them, and jail them for the rest of our lives as we go on with ours, and I have full faith that our collected government agencies can do this.

The bomber(s) isn’t the only one who wants you to be afraid. Remember that.

Go read the whole thing.

This is John at his best. He is just so damn much better at letting out a righteous rant than I. And everything he says is exactly what I think.

Like him I am tired of our country reacting out of fear. We are not a nation of cowards, yet since September 11th, 2001 that is exactly how we have reacted. And because of that fear devious men have manipulated the enacting of laws that hinder our freedom and re-distribute money to the already rich and powerful while failing to actually protect us from terrorists – both domestic and abroad.

And to those of you who are clutching your pearls and pulling your hair, demanding that “something be done” and telling us that “sacrifice is the price for freedom.” Fuck you. Go wet your own goddamn bed and stop showing us all your cowardice.