And It Moves a Little Bit Closer


Tina’s boss has come down with COVID. And since she had close interactions with him due to training on the new state-wide online DL system, I’ve chosen to stay home and get tested. It’s scheduled for 2:00 PM. It’s the rapid saliva test. So I should know the results before the end of the day.

When COVID first started its run back in February/March, we in the residential programs were told it was a matter of when, not if, we would get infected. I have considered myself lucky to have gone this long without getting sick. And, as is usually the case, now I think I have some symptoms. Mostly just a scratch in the throat. However, I also have sinus issues. So, yeah, it’s more likely to be the confluence of my sinuses and the dry, cold weather, not COVID.

Because I work in a residential setting, it’s better safe than sorry in regards to work. So, I’ll get the test, and if it’s negative, I will go to work tomorrow. If it’s positive – well, I’ll let you know.

The Classic Has Returned!


Yes, Samuel L. Jackson’s famous reading of the famous modern classic – Stay the Fuck at Home.

Feeling Under the Weather.


I woke to a sore throat and headache. I’ve also had headaches on and off for a few days, accompanied by a volume increase of my tinnitus. All this indicates the return of a sinus infection—the consequence of severe ear infections as a child and excessive smoking of both cigarettes and marijuana in my past.

Back in 2013, I had Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. It cleared out my sinuses enough to make exercise less of a chore. However, due to the above-mentioned issues, my ENT doctor informed me I would experience continued sinus infections, especially after having a cold. However, I have routinely used a Neti pot to clean my sinuses. That means any infections I do get tend to be deeper where the Neti pot cannot reach. Also, there are humidifiers strategically placed throughout the house. That means I don’t experience as severe an infection as pre-surgery.

Still, all that considered, this morning’s symptoms necessitated my calling in sick. I will be scheduling an appointment at my Urgent Care and see about a course of antibiotics.

Oh, and this happened overnight:

This means breaking out my new electric snowblower. I’m looking forward to using it. It’s much lighter and easier to maneuver compared to its gas-powered cousins. And I’m not all that bothered by an extension cord.

Another Incremental Update

Just Keep Running

Again, 7 days between runs. I require motivation. Part of my issue is simple: I am not feeling particularly upbeat. This year has kicked my ass – in more ways than I care to share at this time. But, as some say, just getting out there is half the battle. Setting the clock back an hour might make getting up early easier, allowing me to get out and run in the morning.