A Merry Christmas Breakfast

The Castle

Merry Christmas, everyone! That is the Christmas Breakfast I made for myself. I also made a cheese omelet for Tina but used Gauda Cheese instead of American. I didn’t feel like shredding the cheese again.

I hope your Christmas Breakfasts were just as delicious as ours!

On Exercise

Just Keep Running

I have not posted about exercise for a while now. And to be honest, I had stopped working out just before the Ireland trip. However, a few weeks ago, I resumed running. I also have added pushups and planking to my regime. Nothing severe or onerous. I’m keeping my heart rate from exceeding a 140 bpm average. And I’m not doing pushups or planking to the point of muscle burn. Moderations, after all, are what’s called for now that I have learned about my mild heart condition.

I do not plan to make regular posts about exercising. It serves no purpose and takes time that is better applied to other activities. Still, I wanted you all to know I was still working on my health.