Good Morning Blogstonia!

My coffee cup

I’ve finished my coffee, completed my morning routine, and am now contemplating a run in the cold outdoors. I have the gear for it. The issue is getting motivated to dress properly and stretch before the run. Running is never a problem. It’s motivating myself for the preparation with which I struggle.

Just Like That. Monday Suddenly arrived!

My coffee cup

And, quite frankly, I’m not impressed. Thankfully, I’ve had my morning coffee. Oh, and I’ve once again managed a full night’s sleep. So, facing Monday will not be a struggle. Still — really? Go away Monday.

Anyway, you all be on your best behavior. Mostly because I know you can’t actually behave. None of you can. Seriously, you’re all out of control. Get a grip, will you?

Good Morning Blogstonia!

Yes, I’m up. I’ve been up since 5:25 AM when Smokey decided to step on the Apple remote and turn on the TV. The little shit. Of course, she was attempting to knock things off of elevated surfaces because she wanted her morning treats.

So, I’ve managed to get through my morning routine. That includes finishing my two cups of coffee. Next? I’m contemplating a run. I’d go on a bicycle ride, but 49 degrees is just too chilly. I’ll probably end up going for a run.

Oh, speaking of Smokey, here she is sitting on the stone table watching for the red squirrel she treed earlier. It was chattering away in anger on the tree in the background as this picture was taken.

Real Quick

I’m writing this post to past the time while I finish my second cup of coffee. Then it’s off to run. I’m still debating internally whether I should run on the treadmill in the basement or bundle up in my winter running gear and hit the pavement. It’s an ongoing debate that will not be decided until after I’ve finished my coffee.

I hope the rest of you are all playing it safe and avoiding social contact.


Nothing of import to pass on to my faithful readers. I’m just saying good morning. Oh, and finishing up my morning coffee. I guess that’s important.

If it’s not, what are you doing at my blog? Seriously. If coffee is not important to you don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Well, if blogs had doors.

And if you don’t have an ass – that’s just disconcerting.

Good Morning!

Actually, I’ve not got much to say. Mostly just finishing up my second cup of coffee. Then I’m off to Miller Hill Mall to drop of Tina for work. Oh, and I’m going for a spot of exercise at the Essentia Fitness Center.

You all best behave while I am out and about. No need to be bringing Western Civilization as we know it to an end.


It has dawned on me that only night people complain about switching back to Standard Daylight Time. Us morning people like having the sunrise shortly after we awake.

I am also aware that only morning people will read this as the dreaded night people are sleeping at the moment. Thankfully. The last thing us cheerful morning people need are cranky, ornery, night people spoiling a perfectly good sunrise with complaining.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I’m going to enjoy my morning coffee and await the sunrise.

The Plan

My Cupeth not runneth over

Obviously the first thing on my agenda is to finish drinking my coffee. After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to what trouble I am going to cause.

And you, in the back row, with the shitty grin on your face. Yeah, you. Keep your mouth shut. Your name isn’t anyone. Not in the mood to hear what you have to say.


Sigh. The problem with having a lawn is it needs moving from time to time. Now, usually, that means weekend work. However, this weekend Tina and I are looking to visit Cooper State Park in Wisconsin and enjoy the trail along to two rivers and the two waterfalls. So, that means mowing this morning, but only after I’ve run to Menards to get two shades cut for the spare bedroom. My cousin Rodney is crashing out at our place as he attends some robotics shindig in East Duluth and the extra room is just way too bright in the AM.

Anyway, I have to finish my final cup of coffee and head out. You all try not to destroy the place while I’m gone.

Last Cup

It’s gorgeous outside, and I’m looking forward to a run. However, I’m working on my last cup of coffee. Quite frankly, I’m not going to do anything until I’ve had my requisite volume of coffee. Trust me; you’ll be thankful that I accomplish this one simple task.