And This Is Why I Read Booman Tribune

(Booman Tribune) I love the writing here. But I don’t really think of it as a slow, almost imperceptible process. Certainly, you can trace the long, slow progress from Goldwater to Gohmert. But there have been sudden tectonic slips that have jolted the crazy forward.

I think one of the less appreciated legacies of the Bush administration is that they made Republican ideology incoherent. One moment the GOP was calling for the liquidation of the Department of Education and planning to let Medicare “wither on the vine,” and the next moment they were giving us No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D. One moment they were closing down the government because they wanted spending cuts, and the next moment the vice-president was telling us that Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter. One moment Bush was campaigning on a more humble foreign policy and the next moment, if you weren’t with us, you were against us. The Bush administration was awful from every perspective you might wish to view it, and that includes the movement conservative’s perspective.

But movement conservatives were nonetheless willing to go along with the Bush administration and defend it with the harshest, coarsest, most vituperative language and rhetoric. As they unlearned logical consistency, they also lost the ability to think clearly. Logic became a kind of threat.

So, that was the first real tectonic slip. The next came in late August and September of 2008 when, first, Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate, and then the economy completely collapsed. It became almost immediately clear that Sarah Palin was a colossal moron who had absolutely no business on a presidential ticket. It also became clear that John McCain had no idea how to deal with the financial crisis, as he suspended his campaign, unsuccessfully tried to skip a presidential debate, and called for an emergency meeting at the White House where he had nothing to say.

This forced the conservative movement to defend both McCain and Palin is ways that no sentient human being should ever defend other human beings. I believe the experience caused permanent collective brain damage to the entire Republican community. Arguing that Sarah Palin should be a stroke away from the nuclear football will do that to a brain, and a political party.

The final straw, however, was the decision to oppose every single thing the president tried to do. They turned him into a monster when he was never a monster. He became the Kenyan socialist usurper. That was a decision that Mitch McConnell made before the president was even sworn into office. And the result was that the Republican Party started rejecting their own ideas and labeling them communist plots to destroy the country. At that point, with all the bad habits already ingrained, the party just lost control of its base.

They hadn’t governed according to their “principles,” and they had ramped up the fear of the Democrats to such a height that the base decided that they were facing some existential crisis.

Basically, the big steps were ideological inconsistency followed by epic failure which both required people to defend the indefensible which broke people’s logical brains and respect for the truth which then caused them to respond to manufactured fear with rebellion against their own puppet masters.

You will have to go read his post to learn what writing he loves. It is a pretty good metaphor he linked to, but I liked his step by step analysis of the decent of the Republican Party into madness.

End Run Around Democracy

This cannot be stressed enough; the Republicans in the House of Representatives changed the rules in a naked grab for power and control with no thought of actual leadership or benefit for the country.

Okay, So I Forgot A Title

I think this post over at Booman Tribune by Geov Parish really nails the truth about the damage done to the Republican Brand.

A lot of students didn’t get why this couldn’t be resolved (“Can’t the president just make them do it?” “Don’t they know that people are suffering?”) or why other countries never have something like a government shutdown (cue explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of our unique government structure, and the purpose, when it works properly, of checks and balances). Several students had parents who are public employees for the city or county; they were worried that their dads would be laid off. (“Those are separate budgets, so, no – but in the long term they get affected by the money that filters down from the state and feds.”) And so on. After about 20 minutes of listening to this, a small kid up front raises his hand and asks, simply, “Are Republicans stupid?”

Let me get one thing straight; when a thirteen year old can ask that simple of a question, it goes a long way towards showing that the Republican Party has screwed itself. Geov is right, kids have a bull shit detector. It is obvious from this story that the Republican bullshit is not being accepted by kids. Understand, this is the impression of a future voter. And do not think he is alone.  This impression is at an age when it will damn near be indelible.

And since to be Republican is to be associated with Conservatism……..

Yeah, the Republican Party/Conservative movement is screwed. I cannot help but wonder if this means they will be wondering the political wilderness for decades and decades.

Update: Yeah, go ahead, throw a frivolous lawsuit at me because I forgot a title to this post. Well, I fixed it now, so bugger off!


gop-terrorists-error-recovery-siubhanduinneIn case you are wondering; no, control/alt/delete will not get you to this screen. What a shame. It would make the Republicans rather redundant……..


Oh, and a tip o’ the hat to Anne Laurie of Balloon Juice.

Eric Cantor given control of House

Eric Cantor given control of House in late night rule change by GOP.

And now we know why the GOP cannot get anything done in the House of Representatives; they are bickering over who’s in charge like children in the playground at recess.

However, the rule change pushed through in the dead of night without any oversight or debate instead put the authority to proceed into the hands of the majority leader in the house, Eric Cantor. This is the same Eric Cantor who is known for having gutted anti-corruption and bribery legislation. And now, he runs the show. Even House Speaker John Boehner can not bring it up to a vote.

This rule change was uncovered by Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen, who brought it to the House Floor late last week, as you can see below.

This needs to stop. Our country’s welfare is at stake and these Republican Bozos in the House are playing power games.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 28

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 60°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: WSW 9 mph
  3. Humidity: 47%
  4. Miles: 11.69
  5. Time: 0:46:36
  6. Max Speed: 19.0 mph
  7. Average Speed: 15.0 mph
  8. iPod: Paul McCartney & Wings – Band On The Run
  9. Temperature: 59°F
  10. Wind: W 5 mph
  11. Humidity: 45%

I pushed myself hard. As a result I ended up with a side ache the last couple of miles. I will tell you, though, that it was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Cool, brightly colored, and dry. I have to admit it is my second favorite condition for riding.

2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 27

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 68°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: W 10 mph Gusts 21
  3. Humidity: 30%
  4. Miles: 10.49
  5. Time: 0:44:25
  6. Max Speed: 26.4 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.1 mph
  8. iPod: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
  9. Temperature: 63°F
  10. Wind: SW 8 mph
  11. Humidity: 39%

Why two sets of weather stats? Because I went riding just before sunset. By the time I returned to home the sun had hit the horizon and the wind, temperature, and humidity had changed enough for me to feel warranted in posting the difference. I have no doubt the change in wind had a big difference in my overall performance.

And  yes, I am aware that I took over a week off from the Tour. I have not been feeling the best. My stomach has been bothering me. Also, I have been busy with other things. But there was nothing holding me back tonight from riding. But now it is time for me to make something to eat and to change the sheets on my bed. I want clean sheets after taking a shower.