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Incremental Marathon/2020 Tour De Rook Update #∞

Yes, yes. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my runs and rides. Well, here they are. I enjoyed today’s run. I didn’t set any new records. But I maintained a pace of which to be proud. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got breakfast to cook.

Good Morning Blogstonia!

Yes, I’m up. I’ve been up since 5:25 AM when Smokey decided to step on the Apple remote and turn on the TV. The little shit. Of course, she was attempting to knock things off of elevated surfaces because she wanted her morning treats. So, I’ve managed to get through my morning routine. That includes […]

Catch Up

I’ve been a bit delinquant in posting my Incremental Marathon and La Tour de Rook legs. Without further todo –

Tour De Rook 2020

I decided to cross the St. Louis River into Superior. It’s a tougher ride over to Wisconsin than back. It’s a long uphill pedal to the east.

And Then The Bicycle

Actually, went on the Munger Trail to take pictures for a class project. Anyway, stats: These are not in anyway shape or form close to records. It’s been years since I’ve done any serious biking. I have to admit it was pleasant. I might have to switch between running and biking. Pictures might follow later. […]

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