Content Kitty

The Castle
Smokey is contently sleeping between the cushion and the back of the couch.

Tina was lying on the couch watching TV when Smokey jumped up to join her. She slowly wedged herself between Tina’s back and the back of the sofa. After a few minutes, Smokey was sound asleep. She is a goofy cat. At night she will lay at the foot of the bed with Tina. That is until I crawl into bed. Within moments she walks up and insists on getting under the blanket between the two of us and proceeds to fall asleep.

A Morning Post

The Castle

I’m just about to jump into the shower. However, I thought I’d say good morning. How are all of you feeling? Also, it’s supposed to reach 70 in our neck of the woods. Whoo Hoo!

Resumption of Resumption

Just Keep Running

Okay, okay. I know I’ve not posted anything about my exercise routine in quite some time. That’s because I haven’t exercised in quite some time. But today, I hit the trails with my Nordic Walking Sticks. And, before I forget – today’s stats are at the end. That’s because there’s the inevitable catching up of past workouts. So, without further ado:

Good Morning Blogstonia!

Spring Semester is coming to a close. I’ve finished one of my classes. It was a Journalism class about how social media has drastically changed the news industry. My other class, an intro to art, also had a module about the possibility of social media engaging in behavioral modification and the art community’s protests against the commodification of personal data used for that supposed modification.

I’m not a big believer in Behavioral Psychology, which is the basis for some people’s fear of social media. Despite the claims of its founder and the researchers who followed, Behavioral Modification has never achieved its promises. So, I’m not particularly worried about “Big Other” replacing “Big Brother” as the new, scary monster. Facebook and Twitter are showing cracks. Impermanence is ever showing it is the only thing permanent in existence.

Anyway, I’ve decided it’s time for me to make an effort to resume blogging. I know it’s been a hell of a draught. Until the breakfast post of the other day, I’ve not put out anything for months. I’m not going to make any promises of newfound motivation. Hell, this might be the last post for months to come. Still, I’ve got a feeling Blogging will find its way back from the brink of obscurity.

Eat Your Hearts Out….

The Castle
I made this!

On second thought, maybe you all don’t eat your hearts out. That would be cannibalism. Plus, I’m suspect about some of you actually having hearts.