2014 Tour De Rook – Leg # 11

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 64°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: N 10
  3. Humidity: 83%
  4. Miles: 14.10
  5. Time: 00:56:02
  6. Max Speed: 19.2 mph
  7. Average Speed: 15.0 mph
  8. iPhone: None
  9. Temperature: 68°F
  10. Wind: NW 15 G 25 mph
  11. Humidity: 78%

Okay, that was surprising. I guess the jogging/running made a difference in my cardiovascular conditioning because I found I could push myself harder and feel the burn in my legs before the burn in my lungs. So, alternating between jogging and biking is going to continue. Seriously, 15 mph average with an additional 3 to 4 miles! That’s way cool.

2014 Tour De Rook – Hiatus Over!

So, I repaired my rear tire, and think I might have found the culprit that kept causing the flats. I believe I’ve a fix that should keep the inter-tube from getting a hole puncture. That means I’m going to hit the trail and see how things go. No music though, today, as there is the threat of storms. So, I’ll simply wrap my phone in a plastic baggie in case of emergencies.

2014 Tour De Rook – Hiatus

Yeah, so, I’ve put the bike aside and I’ve taken to jogging/walking. Honestly, it’s more walking than jogging, I can assure you. But the biking thing was just not getting my heart rate up. Nor was it helping me to lose weight. So, I’ve done a few things. One, obviously, is take up jogging. The second thing I’ve started is doing push up and crunches.

For the record; I’m miserably out of shape! Seriously. My form is good doing push ups, but I’m embarrassed to say I can’t do many. Crunches? Oh hell, I can’t get my damn shoulder blades off the ground I’m so miserable. I will admit, thought, that I’m feeling a better burn from jogging and doing push ups/crunches than from biking.

Don’t despair, though, for I shall return to biking soon enough. Indeed, once I get the flat fixed I’ll start working my bike back into the workout routine. I figure jog, rest, bike, rest, jog, rest, etc., etc., etc. Oh, but with push ups and crunches with both jogging and biking.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Change Of Plans

Initially I was going to finish cleaning the house, then do laundry. However, it was just way too beautiful to pass up hitting the bike trail. Now that I’ve showered, I don’t feel like doing the laundry or going shopping. I’ve a meal for tomorrow (I only ate half the frozen pizza I made myself for lunch) and I’ve one day of work cloths still left in the closet. So, I’m going to skip the shopping and laundry and just take it easy for the rest of the day.

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg # 10

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 86°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: W 14 G 23
  3. Humidity: 49%
  4. Miles: 11.23
  5. Time: 00:46:20
  6. Max Speed: 17.3 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.5 mph
  8. iPhone: Beethoven; Symphonies #2; Op. 36 – 3. Scherz0 through #4 in B Flat, Op 60 1. Allegro Vivace
  9. Temperature: 86°F
  10. Wind: NW 10 G 22 mph
  11. Humidity: 49%

Tough leg. The wind was killer. With the various changes in trees, breaks, and open fields, the wind shifted around into various directions, not just west. However, the trip north put the wind mostly into my face. On the way back it was mostly to my back.

Also, I feel something in my lungs. Especially when I cough. It’s actually hard to cough, like there is some congestion on the outer, top edges of my lungs. It doesn’t hurt to cough, but it sure feels as if I can’t cough. I’m wondering if it’s an adverse reaction to the bee sting of Friday. If I still feel the congestion on Monday I’m going to the doctor.

Early Summer Cleaning

Castle cleaning has commenced!

By-the-way, I’m live-blogging my cleaning! Not that anyone is reading my blog now-a-days. But, it passes the time while the floor dries. That’s right non-existent readers of mine, I mopped the floor!

Cat litter box
Cat Litter Station

Update: Cat Litter Station cleaned and back in place! Next for cleaning is the kitchen table.

It's an old Barnes & Noble table someone fished out of the dumpster for me!
It’s an old Barnes & Noble table someone fished out of the dumpster for me!








And presto! My kitchen table is cleaned.

This is where Cinn hides when I clean. She hates the vacuum cleaner.
This is where Cinn hides when I clean. She hates the vacuum cleaner.







Just a quick shot of Cinnamon hiding because I’m vacuuming. Hell, she doesn’t even wait for me to get it plugged in and she’s already bolting for the office!





Okay, That’s it. I’m finished with apartment cleaning for the day. I’ve got the kitchen swept, mopped, and dusted. I also swept and vacuumed the living room area. Enough is enough! Now I’ve just got a cinnamon scented candle burning to make the place smell acceptable.

I Can Cook!

So, I came across this recipe for roasting chicken breasts on Facebook. Damn it was good! I now have two meals waiting to be heated in a microwave.

Damn! It was soooooooooo damn good!

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #9

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 70°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: S 5 mph
  3. Humidity: 60%
  4. Miles: 8.33
  5. Time: 00:34:59
  6. Max Speed: 19.8 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.2 mph
  8. iPhone: Beethoven; Symphonies #1 and #2 – Almost through Op. 36 – 3. Scherz0
  9. Temperature: 72°F
  10. Wind: SW 7 mph
  11. Humidity: 57%

I cut this leg short. I planned on going all the way to Finlayson, MN but was stung by a bee at the bench on the trail at the north side of Rutledge, MN. I’m not allergic, thankfully. However, it hurt just enough I thought I’d better head home and maybe ice the sting. I’m breathing fine, and am not feeling any constriction in my throat, so I know I’m okay. The sting aches, but very tolerable. So, yeah, I’ll live.

2014 Tour De Rook – Leg #8

To the stats!

  1. Temperature: 72°FTour_Rook
  2. Wind: NW 5 mph G 18
  3. Humidity: 38%
  4. Miles: 11.06
  5. Time: 00:45:11
  6. Max Speed: 19.3 mph
  7. Average Speed: 14.6 mph
  8. iPhone: Cinderella; Long Cold Winter – The Eagles; The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 1.
  9. Temperature: 72°F
  10. Wind: N 7 mph
  11. Humidity: 36%

Just a bit cloudy when I set out at 5:00. By the time I’d gone 13 minutes North up the trail the clouds were gone. Also, the gusts were mellowing out. At 24 minutes North, just past the yet to be finished Sturgeon Lake city sign, the wind was pretty much steady out of the North. I had to push myself into the wind just to manage 14 mph and managed 16 to 17 mph on the way back South to Willow River. All and all a good ride.