For The Record

Not only am I running, but I’m doing push-ups and crunches before I run. Today I did 70 push ups and 50 crunches. And to top it off; I ran my fastest mile today! 11:26!

House Cleaning!

So, I did a complete cleaning of my apartment. That means I swept and mopped my office, my bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. I also did dusting. All the while I had a fan in the window, and the front door open with the storm window open to circulate fresh air into the apartment. Next? Laundry. Hopefully Sunday will be a work-free day.

Another Run!

I can honestly say I am getting more of a workout with running than with biking. However, despite it feeling shorter and quicker than it actually was, I didn’t set any new personal bests. That’s fine with me. I really only run to get in shape and to – hopefully – lose weight. At this point I’m grateful I no longer feel the pain in my legs as I did when I first started running.

Update: Well, I’ll be damned! I guess I did set a new personal best. I ran my fastest 3 K!

Today’s Run

Have to admit, I am surprised at how short today’s run seemed in comparison to Tuesday’s run. However, it was longer by over 12 minutes: Tuesday’s run was 58:23 with a distance of 4.29 miles. Today’s run was 01:10:27 with a distance of 5.01 miles. In every metric today’s run was not as well paced as Tuesday’s. However, I ran farther, and for a longer time than I’ve ever run, and that’s a good thing.

Oh, CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just sounded like Martha Stewart. Shoot me, shoot me now before I harm people.

Flash Back Wednesday

I’m watching the second episode of “Will & Grace” after having watched the pilot. Did any other show end just as funny as it started? Because it sure as hell started out firing on all cylinders.

Today’s Run

Nothing extensive, just that I chose to run a path in Howard, WI that has only one access point after I got on the trail, which meant heading southeast not knowing how long until I hit another access point. Well, it turns out there was no other access point; I ended up at the end of the trail. Thankfully it angled in such a way as limiting the distance back to Tina’s. Anyway, I am really surprised at how good it felt to run today; especially at that distance.

4.29 miles! Damn, not bad for an old man!

Okay, Okay, Here’s A Post

I am currently ensconced at the desk/kitchen table of my Girlfriend’s apartment in Green Bay, WI. Actually, Howard, WI. I’m on vacation and enjoying this time with Tina. Tomorrow we’re heading up to Door County to take the road that was closed last year due to construction. In any case, I’m thoroughly rested and relaxed already. Oh, and I ran the local streets yesterday and even managed a pace of 11:50 minutes per mile! That’s pretty damn phenomenal for an out of shape and overweight 52 year old.