If I had wanted cream and sugar, why the hell would I order the damn coffee?

New Theme

Just trying on a new outfit. Plus I made some other minor adjustments to the way posts are displayed on other sites, such as Facebook.


New Social Platform

So, a new Social Platform is looking to compete against the Evil Mugtome (Facebook). One point in this new platform’s favor is the ability to prevent people from downloading your pictures. Photographers will appreciate that critical fact. You want to get them out there, but you don’t want them used without your permission. Another point in their favor – easy editing of your profile. And I mean extremely easy. I already have a profile on the site, so I have first-hand experience.

Now, I don’t expect Evil Mugtome to die anytime soon. Hell, even MySpace still exists. But I suspect it will not dominate forever. And MeWe looks to be doing all the right things to compete with Evil Mugtome. Unlike Facebook’s meteoric rise, MeWe seems to be a bit more gradual, though by no means slow. And they look to supply a service to the people who use the platform as opposed to the advertisers. And there are some in-platform purchases you can make, such as buy emojis and stickers. And you can purchase a subscription page to support your business. However, there appear to be no ads.

Well, no ads other than for the platform itself. But that’s understandable. You have to drum up business.

Jet Pack Gone

Well, interestingly enough, now that I’ve deleted the Jet Pack plugin from my blog it seems to run faster. I also deleted my WordPress account, which also seemed to be dragging down my blog. Even my media library, which used to hang up some days and always was slow loading now is lightning fast.

So, to any of my readers out there (which may have dramatically dropped now that I don’t have a subscription option with the removal of Jet Pack) with WordPress blogs who use Jet Pack how does it work for you?

Morning All!

Testing My New Plugin

I’m playing around with the various abilities of Gutenberg, the plugin that is soon to be standard for WordPress, the server side program that allows me to publish my blog.

It gives more control over individual aspects of the page. I can control the settings per paragraph. As you can see I am able to have a different background color for every paragraph. I even get to choose different text color per graph. For the purpose of illustrating only. Trust me, I’ll not be playing around like this for every post. Chances are I’ll not even use most of what is offered, or do so in a limited manner.

I can assure you most of my posts will have white background and black type. Golly gee. This is going to be so much fun.

A Bit of Fine Tuning

That is, I added a new background. The black was just too damn boring. I think the coffee tile is both appropriate and cool. I’m sure you all agree.

If you don’t……..

Too damn bad. I don’t want to hear about it.

Blog Tech

I’ve updated to the latest WordPress build. Went pretty smoothly. No bugs that I can see. I also changed my blog’s theme. Seemed time for another change. My only complaint is they took away the Justify button on the interface. Oh well. I can live without it. At least my blog seems to load faster.

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