I’m not particularly thrilled at the moment. I’m not doing well with acceptance. Hence I’m having a lack of serenity. But this too shall pass.


I should be working on assignments. I finished the work for one class already today. I’m now just waiting for my motivation to finish its walk around the neighborhood. So, while that’s happening, I’m posting here on my blog.

Aren’t you happy to know this?

I Laugh At The Face Of Death

Just Keep Running

So, in my effort to reduce stress in this Unique Time I tempted fate and went for a run. 6.27 miles in 1 hour 16 minutes and 53 seconds. Oh, and I also ran yesterday morning. Below are screenshots of the stats, etc.

And yes, I did come across the occasional human besides myself laughing at death. We engaged in proper social distancing protocols. Except for yesterday. I came across 4 deer as I crossed the tracks behind the Minit Mark gas station on Grand Ave. They just stood there looking at me. They didn’t raise their tails in alarm or move out of the way. I had to run around them! They made no effort at proper social distancing protocols. None-the-less, I was blown away by passing within 3 feet of wild deer. Way cool.

Virus Updates

The first reported case has been confirmed for St. Louis County.

Health officials say the woman in her late 60s and is currently recovering at home. Her infection is linked to domestic travel, and not the result of community transmission, according to health officials.


Meanwhile, in the Southern part of our state:

MINNEAPOLIS (KARE) — Officials have confirmed the first death in Minnesota connected to the coronavirus. The Minnesota Department of Health reported Saturday that a Ramsey County resident in their 80s died Thursday after recently testing positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. According to officials, the person contracted the virus through contact with another COVID-19 case.


Done Rabbited

I don’t have a 401k with anything worth looking at due to multiple job changes. How are all of yours looking?

Down the rabbit hole I suspect.

Worse Than Italy.

Keep in mind Italy took drastic measures once they understood the full measure of what they were facing. We haven’t. I suspect our numbers will be substantially worse than theirs.

Today’s Run

Just Keep Running

Well, the debate ended and I ran outside. And it felt good to once again hit the pavement. I also walked for a bit to let myself cool down before going in. The stats are below.

Real Quick

I’m writing this post to past the time while I finish my second cup of coffee. Then it’s off to run. I’m still debating internally whether I should run on the treadmill in the basement or bundle up in my winter running gear and hit the pavement. It’s an ongoing debate that will not be decided until after I’ve finished my coffee.

I hope the rest of you are all playing it safe and avoiding social contact.