2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 24

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 11.30Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 0:45.04
  3. Max Speed: 18.9 mph
  4. Average Speed: 15.0 mph
  5. iPod: None
  6. Temperature: 59°F
  7. Wind: NE 7 mph
  8. Humidity: 63%

Okay, I had to replace another tire. This time a bubble started to develop on the front wheel. So, $66.00 later I have a different model of tire. I was getting tired of the Nimbus tire always going bad. That was the third tire. So, this time I bought the Infinity model. It is still a Specialized brand, with a bit more tread. Hopefully a tougher tire.