2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 23

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 11.82Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 0:45.26
  3. Max Speed: 18.8 mph
  4. Average Speed: 15.5 mph
  5. iPod: Collective Soul – 7even Year Itch
  6. Temperature: 75°F
  7. Wind: N 3 mph
  8. Humidity: 89%

Wow, talk about a tough ride. The air was thick with moisture. And with the dew point 3 degrees shy of the temperature, it made for some hard peddling. I do not know if the Barometric pressure of 29.68 inches had anything to do with it as well, but I swear it felt like I was almost swimming.

Anyway, along with the thick moisture, I had to contend with bugs. They looked like gnats, but every so often I would find a bigger version of one on my shirt. I also ended up swallowing one or two. And to top it all of I got one or two in my eye. It was irritating.

In the end, though, I was pretty pleased with this run. I pushed myself hard. I was breathing heavy the whole way, harder than I usually do when I go on a run. But after Saturday’s run down in Hastings, I just felt the need to really push myself, to consolidate the physical progress I have made to date in getting my body in shape.