2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 25

To the stats!

  1. Miles: 10.99Tour_Rook
  2. Time: 0:45.21
  3. Max Speed: 26.3 mph
  4. Average Speed: 14.5 mph
  5. iPod: The Beatles – 1967 to 1970
  6. Temperature: 64°F
  7. Wind: SE 13 mph G 20 mph
  8. Humidity: 60%

Got home from work and hit the road as soon as possible. When I walked into the house it was still a nice, bright, blue sky. When I stepped back out with the bike, the clouds had rolled in. When I finally pulled back into the yard, the little bit of blue sky that had been hanging on in the east was finally overtaken by the clouds. All in all though, a nice ride.

This time I not only pushed myself, I managed to stretch out a bit more than usual. I have never been loose. I could never keep my legs straight and touch my toes or put my forehead to my knee. So I bend my legs a bit, grab my toes, and slowly push my knee down until I can not tolerate the pain in my hamstring. I am making progress, but I will never be able to stretch out like most people.