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The Incremental Marathon, Part Whatever

I have been running, despite the lack of posts detailing my progress. Today, though, was extra special for running because it rained. I love running in the rain. Granted, when I first hit the pavement this morning it was nothing short of a mild drizzle. However, as the run progressed the drizzle turned into a light shower, and finally, into a light rain. It wasn’t heavy at all and so I didn’t end up soaked. My shoes weren’t even wet when I finished. But it was enough to keep me cool.

My pace wasn’t bad either. My first mile was 9:35. After that the pace turned into 11:05 and 11:26. However, those times also included one minute walks. I’m still doing an interval weight loss running plan. It makes me break up my runs into parts. So far they all include 3 one minute walking intervals.

Also, up until this week I’ve been running three days per week – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Now the plan ups it to 4 days a week, which means Saturdays as well. So far I’ve been hovering around 215 to 220 in weight. But I have noticed my pants are getting looser around the waist and my belt is not at tight at the fifth sinch (hole).


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