Just Keep Running

Further Reports on the Incremental Marathon


Okay, I finished my run. Actually, I finished it over an hour ago. When I got back I ended up helping Tina finish up the Chili that turned into Goulash. She forgot to get the spices for making Chili, so I recommended Goulash. Now we have Goulash with beans instead of macaroni. Well, the macaroni will be added when we actually eat it. She made enough to feed a family of 10. Most of it will be frozen for later consumption.

Anyway, about the run. I managed 4.2 miles in 47 minutes. I kept my heart rate mostly in the Aerobic range, with 2:22 minutes in the Anaerobic range. I took it easy and still did a good pace. Back when I first started running a 15 minute per mile pace would put my heart rate into the danger zone. Well, for my age anyway.

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