New Chair

I have two executive type desk chairs, one I’ve had since before starting school. The other I bought a couple of years ago. Neither have been comfortable. In fact, they aggravate my lower back within seconds of my sitting in them. So, I finally broke down and bought myself a new desk chair.

I had looked online at Office Depot and priced the chairs. I limited my search to ergonomic designed chairs. Even then, there were 652 to choose from, which was a bit daunting. However, it didn’t take me all that long to find one I liked. At least while online.

That changed once I got to the store up on Central Entrance. The one I had originally picked was right around $114. But it became clear once I test sat it that I wasn’t going to be buying that particular chair. So, I sat in a few other, all with the same results – not even close to comfortable.

Finally I sat in the least expensive chair in the store (and online!) and found it to be perfect. It has 3 adjustment knobs, which was more than the expensive ones, and are easy to reach. Most importantly it allows for the back of the seat to be raised or lowered. Since it’s my lower back that acts up, having an adjustable back seat allows me to support my lumbar.

And the cost? Under $100. I wasn’t expecting to walk away with the cheapest chair, but that’s exactly what I did. And I’m very happy with the results. Right now I’m experiencing the most comfort I’ve ever had while typing away on my computer.